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3 minutes ago, darrenrover said:

Who else that's available is capable of picking a defence splitting, forward pass?

Rothwell? Dolan?

Edit--sorry forgot Rothwell is out. Perhaps you have a point!

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Agree Didn't see the game but what I do know is Hughton walked into a mess, a team that's lost it's first four games, yet somehow has contrived to get off to a winning start against a manager who

Sams teams played better football than the shit served up today and against Cardiff. Sam haters do my fucking head in. You opened the door for the cunt Kean.  

Positive of the day.  I didn't waste £15 on a couple of beers and a pie.  No hassle getting to the bog at half time and back home in no time ?

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6 minutes ago, islander200 said:

No mention of Rothwell being out in the lancs telegraph live feed?

Might have been kept quiet, and whoever said it on here just got lucky hearing it from a little birdy.

We will find out very shortly when the teams are announced anyway.

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2 hours ago, darrenrover said:

Knowing TM's aversion to play newcomers in the starting eleven and the fact that none of them are likely to be match fit or available, I think we are likely to start with 3 at the back, being Nyambe, Ayalla and Darragh. A midfield 4 of Buckley, Evans, Johnson & Bell and Brereton, Arma and Dolan as the front 3. You can perm any of the recent acquisitions and the usual crew on the bench.

Today is likely to be a tough encounter and would be brilliant if we were to win and would set us up nicely for when the new boys are likely to come in to the reckoning. The rest of the season is an exciting proposition.

Thoroughly looking forward to the match, just sad we're not there to cheer the boys on.

From my armchair, sat on my jack jones, COYB!


If Mowbray changes the formation to 343 after 433 has served us so well he needs his head examining!

I think it's 433 come hell or high water.

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2 minutes ago, Sparks Rover said:

Nyambe Lenihan and Bell in the back 4...?

Two of those will be in the back four all season. Nyambe and Lenihan are good enough for a top 6 challenge.

Great to see Buckley starting - big game for him today.

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7 minutes ago, Butty said:

Not our strongest lineup today that’s for sure, I’d take a point right now if you offered it me. COYB


Struggling to understand why the bench has both Carter and Wharton. I know there are injuries etc and the new guys have only just arrived, but surely there are better options than doing that. One of the newbies in another position has to be fit enough for the bench, or a youth player in another role to vary our options. It's very unlikely we will need to bring off both CBs!! (Watch it bloody happen now)

Obviously the more worrying part of today's squad is the midfield. Hope Evans' injury issues haven't affected his readiness, and that Buckley steps up to the plate. It looks lacking in mobility with Rothwell out.

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Not a great line up and nothing on the bench to make a difference either . Could be a tough day but it’s less tombola and more of that’s the best we could probably put out today. Still could get a win and hopefully a few new faces and a couple back for the next game. Staying positive regardless of the result today. COYB

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