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3 minutes ago, J*B said:

I’ll add Buckley into this. He isn’t going to hit his potential playing the occasional through ball or a backwards pass. He needs to be braver with the ball. 

He's not an athlete. It's why I'm nowhere near as excited about him as others seem to be.

You have to be a spectacular footballer to make it if you can't run. 

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Agree Didn't see the game but what I do know is Hughton walked into a mess, a team that's lost it's first four games, yet somehow has contrived to get off to a winning start against a manager who

Sams teams played better football than the shit served up today and against Cardiff. Sam haters do my fucking head in. You opened the door for the cunt Kean.  

Positive of the day.  I didn't waste £15 on a couple of beers and a pie.  No hassle getting to the bog at half time and back home in no time ?

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Just now, Fraserkirky said:

How can folk have a go at Buckley after the 40mins Evans and Johnson have just put in?

Ayala our best player, don’t think that will be the last time I say that this season.

Everyone knows how shite Evans is. 

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It’s been drab so far to say the least. Dolan the worst player on the pitch in my opinion, closely pushed by Bell. The midfield 3 are too slow with the ball as others have said, nobody is driving forward with it. 
The 2 x CBs and GK look good, probably the only positives to take. 

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Buckley a bit of a luxury player at the moment ..certainly with Evans and Johnson beside him ..more of an impact player brought on to kill teams when we re actually  in front and the opposition are chasing the game.

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3 minutes ago, Gogger said:

Buckley plays far to deep. No space for Johnson ans Evans and nobody to link up with Armstrong.

This midfield 3 is too static for this formation. Almost back to the days of Smallwood and Evans clogging things up in the midfield. 

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