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Watford v Rovers Wed 21st Oct 7.45pm

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Holtby back is a big plus. Rothwell is a big miss still, at the exact time he begins to prove his worth. Evans should not start after his efforts over the weekend. I'd stick with Dolan and drop Brereton if Elliot is deemed ready. 

I hope we bounce back after a couple of disappointing performances. In theory this kind of game should suit us, but the quality of Watford could kill us. I predict similar to Bournemouth 3-2 either way, just hope it's for Rovers. 


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30 minutes ago, Oldgregg86 said:

Yeah don’t see a goalfest myself. Think it will be 2-0 Watford with the second coming very late on

Yer, sadly, I agree with your prediction.

Always going to be a tough game against Watford but let's hope we put in a performance regardless of the result.

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11 minutes ago, simongarnerisgod said:

we`ll see a mowbray special tonight,one of his tactical shenanigins and selections that will have us shaking our heads?

The tombola will be out now. Made worse by the fact iFollow has their own shenanigans. It's double the smack in the face when we lose.

Equivalent of going to the match and being forced to watch it on your laptop whilst an annoying cnut sporadically waves in front of your face.

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1 minute ago, RevidgeBlue said:

As long as Evans is nowhere near the squad I wouldn't be that unhappy.

Well he’s starting!

Our lack of striker options does concern me and has done for a while. Not like we’re missing Gallagher from the bench for any goals either! 

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8 minutes ago, JHRover said:

I don't think I've ever witnessed a win at Watford. Be nice to change that. When was the last one there?

Feb 2001 apparently. 1-0, Marcus Bent.

The play-off semi final second leg in 1989 felt like a win. 1-1 after extra time after a 0-0 first leg so through on away goals. I won’t mention the final though.

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4 hours ago, Madon said:

Is this from a decent source? Harvey Elliott to score a brace at 100/1 is grabbing my attention! ?

Hope you've backed your hunch!

Gone for Rovers win (£20 @13/5) and Elliott to be anytime scorer (£20 @13/2).  More confident on Elliott bet though!  

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5 minutes ago, booth said:

Bell, Evans, Brereton starting ?

To be fair to Bell he's been doing OK all things considered, and Brereton has had a few moments where he's looked moderately useful which is as much as we can expect from our £7m man. 

As for Evans... unless we can hire a hypnotist to make him believe he's actually playing for NI, what's the point?

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