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Fantastic football that. Elliott, Arma, BB and Holtby must be frightening to play against. Douglas and Trybull are massive improvements...wait until Dack, Trav and Rothwell are back!! ?

Brereton MOM for me! ???

So close. That would have been like solving world peace had you two agreed. ?

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Just now, RevidgeBlue said:

Sloppy passage of play there. Can't understand why Mowbray prefers JRC at RB, think Nyambe is miles better.

Edit: BB went down very easily there but we'll take it. Surely even we can't blow it now against 10 men.

I'm a fan of Ryan, but I think JRC just demonstrated why 

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1 minute ago, joey_big_nose said:

Well we look like we will get a lot more quality deliveries in from the FB on the attack but we look very vulnerable on the break. Coventry should be winning.

Have to say I don't like the look of the midfield three.

And there we are - red card and pen!

Tremendous ball from JRC.

Trybull looks a class act.

We've lost a lot of legs by not playing Bell, Nyambe, Rothwell and Travis tho.

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Just now, Stuart said:

If you aren’t watching the stream don’t do this.


Just now, joey_big_nose said:

Can you not post too quick please - ifollow 2 mins behind. Kills the suspense!

Sorry guys..

I'm listening to Radio Lancashire with Bayes and Gallagher. Then seen goals on SSN

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Just now, Tugay's Right Foot said:

Brereton had another good touch in the box. Looks up for it. Probably quality of the Coventry defence too 

Brereton is now looking genuinely pretty good. He loses the ball so rarely. It's like complete chalk and cheese compared to the last 2 seasons.

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3 minutes ago, Stuart said:

Never a red. Brereton wouldn’t have scored!

Knew it so won the pen instead.


Would people sing a different tune if he had the 3+ goals from Penalties that Armstrong has vultured?

His all round play has been really, really good this year.

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