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Fantastic football that. Elliott, Arma, BB and Holtby must be frightening to play against. Douglas and Trybull are massive improvements...wait until Dack, Trav and Rothwell are back!! ?

Brereton MOM for me! ???

So close. That would have been like solving world peace had you two agreed. ?

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Really interesting first half so far. JRC and Elliott on the right are essential for sides playing deep, can see it's just a little bit freer down there. Elliott is finding a lot of space well, but can see he's not quite up to speed with Championship football just yet, with first touch and speed of thought, but still encouraging. You'd hope it will come within a few games.

Concerning we haven't finished as well as we ought and a penalty is always a little fortunate, although Brereton has done enough to have at least earned that.

Lacking a bit of coordination in the back four and the ambition of Lenighan pinging ten yard passes is admirable, but perhaps a little unnecessary. Williams looks comfortable bringing the ball forward and depp-lying Cov are allowing him to showcase that. Question for any tactic buffs; are we technically playing a classic gegenpress at the minute, albeit without the jazzy centrebacks?

Giles on their left hand side looks a spirited and efficient footballer, could be a handful with JRC breaking forward and has been already.

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Frustrating we aren't capitalising - yet!

We should be out of sight.

Douglas offering what we thought he would and Brereton continuing, IMO,  to morph from donkey to footballer of talent. 

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Just now, Stuart said:

I’m not a betting man but if I were I’d be sticking a few quid on 1-1.

Well stick a fiver on at 14/1 if that's what you feel!  That'll be £70 in your back pocket.

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