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It's simple - good attacks win games, good defences win leagues. Mowbray has been here years yet our defence has never looked better than a mid-to bottom half level defence and this is why we will be midtable until we get shut of him.

It's utterly predictable and why I can't get excited even now we've started slapping the bad teams about.

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I find it all so predictable listening to him. I seriously think we should ditch 'Arte et Labore' and replace with 'always tomorrow, never today' as our club motto.  I find it especially fru

Mowbray's methods will not be successful in terms of promotion. On occasion we will blow teams away when playing well and with a fair wind in our favour, but on at least as many occasions we will be c

Nyambe must start every game (apart from maybe against the shite of the league). Ayala to come in for the utter liability Lenihan. Evans should be nowhere near the side, especially in the le

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I have watched the last 25 minutes , we scored a good goal and done nothing since , except for Holtbys run and shot....Big strong team Reading similar to Watford ...

Same problem , we have had for a few years cannot stop the other team scoring ..

Mid table at best , the better teams have sussed us out and It is still October ..





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4 minutes ago, simongarnerisgod said:

played a couple of games for us and was frankly s***e,was s***e at sheff wed,turns up here and he`s the 2nd coming of pele because we can`t do any basic defending,the fact  that venus and mowbray were excellent defenders is a bit ironic innit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was really impressed with Joao when be was with us. Pace, power, skill. Had it all.

Reading have obviously figured out to use him.

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Lenihen seems to have been found out now at this level but why in gods name do you #### about with a team thats just won 4 nil away.

Always always unforced changes and unnecessary tactical tweaks.

Flat track bullies when we are stronger overal than the opposition, toothless or total wank when against any outfit with tactical management and a bit of similar quality on the park.

Mid table forever.

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8 minutes ago, Gavlar Somerset Rover! said:

An error prone oil tanker this season. Utter sh*te on the ball too. Not a chance Mowbray will drop him though.

Seen enough of him. Acts like a leader but doesn't play like one. This is an assessment of his past 2 years. AVERAGE at best. 


Chris Wilder can order him a taxi, he's another face along with Evans and Gallagher I could gladly not see again. Another ineffective try hard, long ball merchant with no ability. 


Take any money and run. 

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7 minutes ago, TheKitGuy said:

How can a former Centre Back turned manager not be able to organise a solid defence? 

Because unfortunately he’s a bit thick, clueless and useless. 

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