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I find it all so predictable listening to him. I seriously think we should ditch 'Arte et Labore' and replace with 'always tomorrow, never today' as our club motto.  I find it especially fru

Mowbray's methods will not be successful in terms of promotion. On occasion we will blow teams away when playing well and with a fair wind in our favour, but on at least as many occasions we will be c

Nyambe must start every game (apart from maybe against the shite of the league). Ayala to come in for the utter liability Lenihan. Evans should be nowhere near the side, especially in the le

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1 minute ago, jim mk2 said:

Boro won again and creeping up the table

Old Colin knows how to set up a team

Twice, we could have had as manager.


Old man, busted flush, not in bit Tony's league etc etc

A bit like Houghton ?

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What I cannot cannot cannot understand is that I rememberMowbray as a tough uncompromising centre half - no nonsense no messing yet in his time here he has not engendered that into any of his defenders - its almost as if he wanted to be something else and can't accept it - totally weird....

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1 minute ago, bazza said:

Good game of football.

Rovers were good but Reading were excellent. On that performance Reading will walk this league.

Top 6 to aim for now.

 You should get a scriptwriter's job at HIGNFY

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The Gallagher on the wing thing - still don't get it.......

Defensively I think we have big problems in this system. I am forming the opinion that we just don't have the pace to make it work. Good counter attacking teams have a simple way to generate chances - just knock it down the sides or high in the air. We struggle to handle it. Rothwell and eventually Travis coming back will help as they have more legs to press and cover better from midfield. But still, if we are up at half way and have no defenders who can keep up with the fastest attacked we are in trouble.

Ayala will come in now and I rate him but he's not quick either....

On a positive note we did actually manage to create chances once Reading sat in and should have scored again in the second half.





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Reading is an example of what a consistent team gets you. They've had the same centre back partnership, same centre midfield partnership and same GK playing in every game. In fact, only their RB has been changed regularly. Their front 4 has been fairly stable, but they've been switched around on form.

Compare that to us and we've had different combinations at the back and midfield in every game. It creates instability and it's why we are in so much disarray in some games. We've only had a consistent front 3 this season and that's why we are topping the goalscoring charts.

This was a horrendous performance though. Ayala, Kaminski and Rothwell need to come back into the side on the weekend and we will get a win.

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Well that's was an awful night of defending from us. Lehinan at fault for at least 3 of them. Would drop him if Ayala is fit. Hopefully Kaminski is back and starting. Would bring Nyambe back in for Rankin Costello. 

Going forward we were good. Armstrong has 9 goals in 8 games. He is natural finisher and showing why he should be playing the 9 role. 


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JRC has a place in this side but not at right back. He played some great balls in so maybe the right side of the front three? 

Lenihan needs some time out, no doubt about it. Inept today and streaky at the best of times. 

We definitely missed Kaminski, Pears was positionally at fault for the first goal but did make a great reflex save off of Williams. 

Mowbray needs to look at sorting this defence out, quickly. We're playing the best football I've seen us play in a long time, but we look so exposed at the back it's all for nowt. 

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3 minutes ago, yellowsubmarine said:

More work to do for us. 

It's clear we can score. but we can also concede. And Lenihan has been really poor this season, very limited player, without a football brain. The late tackles he tried to make today were just comical.

What's worrying is he's our fastest Centreback which makes him pretty important to the way we play...

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A team is a reflection of its manager......ours is nice, slow, not over intelligent. 
How any Rovers fan can believe in Mowbray is beyond belief.....never has and never will know how to set up a defence. 
......and as for Sam Gallagher ...I feel both sympathy and embarrassment for both him and the club. .....all Mowbray’s doing. Hang your head in shame man . 

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