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It's clear the early season enthusiasm has evaporated amongst the majority of fans and the reason is clear and present....we have seen it all before under this Managers tenure,the excuses Ad Nauseam.

For me, the legacy of Mowbray not sorting the defence is what every signal fan will come back to. We concede dire goals, not just these last two games but for most of Mowbrays reign. The personnel has

Pears - a recent Mowbray signing Nyambe - a player who has played fairly regularly, although should be a shoe in at right back. Certainly no rookie. Lenihan and Williams - 2 internationals w

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I watched Evans specifically in the first half, he offers nothing either to aid attack or defence, the game just passes him by. I'd sub him now for Buckley. If Arma has tweeked a hamstring, get him off before it becomes serious (remember Chapman) and put Brereton in the middle and replace him with Dolan.

Their goal was just same old, same old shit defending of a set piece: nobody even jumped with him to contest the header (was it Darragh? tickling his sides before he leaps like a salmon to score ain't good enough)

Swansea aren't up to much and are just another side waiting to pick us off.

Come on Rovers second half FFS, we can win this.

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11 minutes ago, Sparks Rover said:

Why not Wharton and Ayala....why does Del get a free pass....he's the common denominator 

Potentially yeah, though I don’t think Williams has done too much wrong this season, whereas Lenihan has been at fault for numerous goals. 

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