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Swansea City away

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Just now, Hoochie Bloochie Mama said:

Burnley are getting battered. And one day Tony will leave.

That's all I've got.

I'd offer Dyche whatever salary it takes and a 10% shareholding if he gets us up in the next two seasons.


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Just now, chaddyrovers said:

Well that's your view. You been wanting Mowbray out for around 3 seasons. 

If my view Changes I will post on here

and I think it's pretty clear I've been proven right.

I would never, ever have appointed him in the first place as I've stated since he first joined us.

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Just now, LDRover said:

He might want to give it a while, Ben Whiteman has bagged a beauty today and 10 million man Bucko is regressing at a rate of knots.

Does it in the big games does Ben..️.2 against Ipswich....Buckley can't do what he can do.  He's been in the building and mowbray decided to spunk his coin on his mates lad and a couple of other average player. Rank bad management. 

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Just now, Oldgregg86 said:

Still can’t see what the fuss with JRC . He’s as average as they come

Agree as is the other £10million 'wonder kid' Buckley.  God, these 'football people'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Just now, TheWeasel said:

Has Mowbray ever given a justification for Gally on the wing? A rational? Anything because we all sit here stumped week in week out seeing a very clear problem that he’s blind to (well one of many things he’s blind to)

Have any of the local reporters actually ever asked him straight out  what he's doing putting him on the wing all the time?

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