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It's clear the early season enthusiasm has evaporated amongst the majority of fans and the reason is clear and present....we have seen it all before under this Managers tenure,the excuses Ad Nauseam.

For me, the legacy of Mowbray not sorting the defence is what every signal fan will come back to. We concede dire goals, not just these last two games but for most of Mowbrays reign. The personnel has

Pears - a recent Mowbray signing Nyambe - a player who has played fairly regularly, although should be a shoe in at right back. Certainly no rookie. Lenihan and Williams - 2 internationals w

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1 hour ago, Silas said:

For 1st time this season I'm not paying to watch.

Want to do the boxing tonight, and can't justify £30 on live TV sport in 1 day. 

I'd prefer to pay to be entertained as a neutral tonight, than pay this afternoon just to be angry and disappointed. 

I think we'll lose.

If we win a barn storming 4-3 thriller,  I'll be gutted to have missed it, but will be over the moon to be back on track for playoffs. 

David Hayes WWF style advertising campaign has won you over then ?

Talks more twaddle than TM on a bad day.


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19 minutes ago, JoeH said:





is my best guess going off official and non-official team news

Would be as good a lineup as we could do with those available.

Our left side will be very very vulnerable to the counter.

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Rovers: Pears, Nyambe, Lenihan (c), Williams, Rankin-Costello, Trybull, Evans, Holtby, Elliott, Armstrong, Brereton.

Substitutes: Stergiakis, Gallagher, Chapman, Davenport, Buckley, Wharton, Dolan.

I think I might paint some architrave this afternoon, after all.

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7 minutes ago, Exiled_Rover said:

Marking this one down as a loss.

Zero accountability in this team - Lenihan and Evans should be nowhere near a starting spot after their recent efforts. 

I agree but, Ayala is out and without Johnno and Rothwell, we have literally no one to replace them... Once fit we have a decent side but atm...

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The defence still resembles the one that's struggled for Mowbrays entire reign and now we have yet another rookie in the goal.  The 2nd keeper spot looks weaker than when Lutweiler was here i hope the judgement in another jobs for a mate comes good.

Teams been written off already so this is just the type of game we'll win now hopefully.

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Evans should be asked to sit with Trybull and give more solidity, play him where he has been playing and he will not do anything.

He shouldnt be playing but we dont have much depth there, the alternatives are Buckley and Davenport who arent very convincing either. We should have signed Downing at the start of the summer.

Have to win today, weve had a crap start and cant feel sorry for ourselves, there is plenty of senior experience there to get a result.

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