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Nobbers v Rovers, Tues 24 Nov 7.45pm

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That goal says everything about how we're trying to play. 

Any one of 3 or 4 players could have played it long from the back to relieve the pressure, but we didn't and (was it?) Arma's perfect, thoughtful, precision ball to release us into the perfect counter attack. 

So, Armstrong effectively started and finished the move. 

Absolute perfection, and you can't say that too often. 

Btw, Trybull is quietly providing the balance for everyone to play around him.

We have no other defensive, central midfielder available. 

Best half of football we've produced all season. Yes, I'm aware if how big a statement that is.  

I'm happy. 

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Lewis Holtby is a Rolls Royce of a player in this league. Mentally head and shoulders above anything I've seen this season. I've not seen a more effortless, classy display for some time from a Rovers

Suck that up Nobbers, brilliant. As poor as we may have been in recent years against them, we've never been anywhere near as shit as that!

Brereton was a revelation to me....clearly enjoying his football at the moment, his delight at setting up Dolan' goal was good to see.

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Best thing Gallagher's done all season.  Opponents down to 10, 1 goal up all we have to do now is survive Mowbrays half time team.talk and we are home free.  Easier said than done though.  We've blown a lead with a.man advantage before under Mr. Easy Chair.

Tell you what, that Brereton is becoming quite a player, useful all over the pitch instead if just all over the place. .Mention for young Wharton too, he seems to be coming along nicely.  Defensive side for sure but needs to work his passing to get.to the next level still he is a defender and he is doing that well.

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Just now, The Mighty Chaffinch said:

Please please don’t mess this up from here. I happen to live next door to Preston’s assistant manager, I teach numerous PNE fans and my place of work is opposite the home of Deepdale Duck. I have to drive past Deepdale every day to pick my toddler up from nursery. I can’t escape them. I’m surrounded. Please please don’t mess this up from here. 

You may know JP then? My son works with him, he's currently on Deepdale waving the Rovers flag. ?

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