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What a beautiful ugly win! Four pieces of class won it for us: Nyambe's run and pull back for goal 1 Gallagher's strike for goal 2 and two Kaminsky saves Huge credit to the Ba

I don't agree. Just look at the number of times between '75 and '91, when we had a team that was in the mix-in the top two at Christmas time etc- dropping away later, but still finishing in the t

Credit to Barnsley, came here and gave us a major test. Play like that every week and they won't have to worry about a relegation battle this season. Winning whilst not playing well is a skill we

Terrible half from us, can't believe we're winning.

We've had no answer whatsoever to Barnsley's press, Trybull is absolutely useless for me, both he and Holtby need to work a lot harder and  impose themselves more second half.

Sensational play from Nyambe for the goal.

Think Wharton's done ok. Don't understand the criticism of him at all. Perhaps people would prefer Tosin making a few fancy passes and us conceding three goals every week.

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Just now, Miker said:

Barnsley have setup perfectly here to nullify us... we are struggling against the 3-4-3 as they've packed the centre of the pitch, which is stopping us from controlling the game through the centre. We look dangerous when Bell and Nyambe are brave and attack down those flanks. Both were very sloppy for most of the first half, which was hampering us considerably.

Given we're 1-0 up now, not sure if we need to change anything around. Barnsley aren't posing us any particular problems, they were just nullifying us quite well. 

It feels as though they have about 2 extra players in there. The amount of passes Kaminski, Lenihan and Wharton have made between them as there's a yellow wall ahead of them.

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Barnsley have been excellent in pressing our defenders and that has lead to errors. We probably need to launch it up more often for a bit of variety, the opposition have obviously targetted us for that. It's true that Wharton misplaced some balls, but he was being given no options from our midfielders when he made those errors, so they need to be being doing more off the ball to support our defence.

Bell has done very well since coming on, Rothwell looks a handful when he runs at them and Kaminski is looking so much of an upgrade on last season's keeper that it's night and day.

I'd be looking to bring Johnson on to sit in front if the back four and protect them, with maybe a touch of shithousery thrown in. I think we're missing Travis today more than anyone.Coming away from a poor half like that with a clean sheet still intact and the lead is somewhat inspiring, this is how teams grind out results. That said, not sure we'd survive another half like that, come on lads!!!



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Just now, joey_big_nose said:

We aren't going to be able to pass through them so need a plan B.

Reckon getting both Gallagher and Nyambe on their left wing back should do it. Don't think he can handle it.

Not sure who to bring off for Gallagher though... Elliott or Holtby I guess. 

Would have to be Elliott for me, think he's been very poor again despite his part in the goal.

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Just now, Sparks Rover said:

Which is called attacking,  no? Centre halves are normally your worst technical players anyway.

Well, if we played long balls, I would've given those two time on the ball, so they are the ones playing the long balls

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