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What a beautiful ugly win! Four pieces of class won it for us: Nyambe's run and pull back for goal 1 Gallagher's strike for goal 2 and two Kaminsky saves Huge credit to the Ba

I don't agree. Just look at the number of times between '75 and '91, when we had a team that was in the mix-in the top two at Christmas time etc- dropping away later, but still finishing in the t

Credit to Barnsley, came here and gave us a major test. Play like that every week and they won't have to worry about a relegation battle this season. Winning whilst not playing well is a skill we

Finally getting the hang of what to do with Gallagher and getting a bit of payback.

Spotlight about to fall on defensive recruitment again though, not rocket science we needed another centre half on the books.

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Just now, oldjamfan1 said:

I’m not sure it was Stuart, think he bent it in to be fair

Prepared to be persuaded after seeing the slow mo but in real time it looked like it came off the foot of the nearest Barnsley player.

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In the autumn of last year a lot of us (me included) were slating Armstrong, Brereton and Gallagher. 

Then Armstrong started scoring and the problem became Brereton and Gally.

Then Brereton started this season in good form but Gally was a waste of space...

Got to hold my had up and say it's looking increasingly like I was very wrong, and I'm pretty happy about it!

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