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Rovers v Millwall. Wed 2nd Dec 7.45pm

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Just now, DE. said:

Our inconsistency from game to game is the biggest problem. You can never tell which Rovers are going to turn up and it's been that way throughout Mowbray's tenure. Sometimes we're really up for it, other times it's like the lads have stumbled out of the pub and onto the pitch. Certain players more so than others. 

Typically at our worst at home since the restart too. We seem to be largely well drilled and have a game plan away from home. At Ewood we look like a bunch of strangers pretty much everytime we take to the pitch. 

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Just now, superniko said:

Lack of balance for me really, nothing in the middle. Elliott still looks like he’s playing wide, making it a 4-2-4.


Just doesn't look right without Rothwell down the left. Obvious half time sub. He'll bring Brereton into the game too. Not sure who we bring off though...

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  • Backroom

Second time in five days we've been outplayed at home by a team we should be taking the game to. We were fortunate on Saturday and maybe we will be again tonight, but TM needs to study what's happened over these past couple of games and work out what is causing us to struggle.

Attacking-wise we have players that should be posing much more of a threat than we're seeing. Defence is what it is, can't do much about that. 

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Just now, jim mk2 said:

Poor half. Team all over the place. Holtby awful. Gallagher on the wing. Plus ca change

Think Gallagher has been one of our better players to be fair. Johnson Holtby Bell Ayala Brereton looking miles off it so far. 

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