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Big Festive Rovers Quiz 2020

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Rovers Chat will be hosting a crossover quiz on Wednesday 23rd December 2020 on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Panelists from Lancs Live, Lancs Telegraph, BRFCS & Rovers Chat will be taking part, and the event will hope to raise funds via JustGiving to support Blackburn Salvation Army. Be sure to get involved and watch along! Special guests such as Elliott Bennett & more will also be getting involved in different capacities. Thanks everyone :)


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On 04/12/2020 at 14:49, Hoochie Bloochie Mama said:

Good idea, good cause.

Who'll be reppin' the BRFCS massif?

At the moment my name is in the frame....so I’ll apologise in advance. Unless the quiz questions are 1970-1985 I shall be utterly hopeless. I’m hoping that some kind of WhatsApp group can be set up on the night to help me out ?

I can’t remember what I had for tea last night but I can recall what colour socks we wore in an away game in 1978...?

Its not about the winning....it’s about raising money for a good cause...(if I keep saying this eventually I’ll believe it..).

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We've been incredibly delighted with some of the amazing guests we've managed to confirm to make special appearances. Former players, current players, Blackburn supporting personalities and more. All going down on Wednesday 23rd December at 7pm. 

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We've raised an impressive £429.00 so far.

It's all going down this Wednesday, the 23rd, at 7pm! 

Elliott Bennett, Matthew Kilgallon, Scott Sellars, Craig Short, Brad Friedel, Natasha Fenton, Tez Ilyas and YaKnowGrandad will all be joining us with special Christmas messages on the night, as well as our panel featuring Ian Herbert from BRFCS, Rich Sharpe from the Lancashire Telegraph and Jaquob Crooke from Lancs Live!

Be sure to donate if you can at www.rcdonate.com for a worthy cause, and get involved on the night :) 

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It’s quiz day! We’ll be live from 7pm with special guests Jaquob Crooke, Rich Sharpe and Ian Herbert, as well as some famous Rovers faces such as Brad Friedel, Elliott Bennett and Craig Short!

Please help and do at via RCDONATE.COM, we’ve already raised well over £400 for the Salvation Army.

7pm on @Rovers_Chat on Twitter, or search Rovers Chat on YouTube!

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