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Dack signs new 3 year contract, merry Xmas!

I honestly think all these players are waiting to see what happens with Mowbray et al. If you knew that you could get offers elsewhere & for more money due to a club not having to pay a fee,

Thought this deserved its own thread.  In 23 days Rovers have twelve players out of contract who will be free to make an agreement with foreign clubs to join them on a free in September 2021. The

6 hours ago, davulsukur said:

Typical short sightedness from Venky's.

Let some players leave in order to save a few quid but ignoring the potential transfer fees further down the line on the likes of Dack/Nyambe.

As others have said, if money is tight, why bother with Downing?

They always find the money for the ex boro lads that's a given.

Assombalongo being the exception of course 😂

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We already knew this, there is no way nyambe will sign a new deal in our position, it should have been done a year ago. He will get offers in January. Being benched earlier for JRC as good as he is won't help

I would hope rothwell would if we offer something now.

Dack wants to play in the premier league, so we would have to go up for him to sign an extension. His injury does compliate things so it would be a gamble. Offer him a big deal now or dont. The money wasted on other things kind of makes it so you would try and do something, he should be on par or more than. Gallagher . I would offer a big money 3 or 4 year deal now and tempt him, or just risk losing him. 

Dolan only has 18 months left, he should be offered a long term deal now with Harvey going back to Liverpool, or this will be another repeat. We need to start being a step ahead for once. Dolan should be part of our future with trav and JRC. 

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18 minutes ago, rigger said:

Have you even got a glass?

Yes one of those tough unbreakable ones, i'm confident it'll last me another 3 years because its been bounced off the floor recently.

Has Brad ?

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On 11/12/2020 at 21:31, EwoodGlory said:

We already knew this, there is no way nyambe will sign a new deal in our position, it should have been done a year ago.

It was done a year ago. A year and 8 months ago but still. April 2019. We made the utterly batshit decision to make it a 2 year deal. With no extension option by all reports so far. I said at the time it would be a problem and lo and behold...

In fairness, the shortness of it may have come from Nyambe or his agent. We are usually very keen to add those one year extensions in our favour, so it suggests either his camp didn't want to commit to 3 years, or that if they did they insisted it not be at the club's whim (in which case we should have given a guaranteed 3 yr without hesitation). However, any reluctance from his end very likely came from the fact that Elliott fucking Bennett kept being deemed a better option. I wouldn't have been keen on committing long term either if I were him.

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55 minutes ago, Ulrich said:

Great news that Dack has signed a 3 year deal and with an option in our favour so effectively 4.  

This the season to be jolly 🎄

I am curious to know if there is a release clause and if so how much? 

2 and a half year deal with an option in our favour so effectively 3 and a half. Good news though, secures him contractually for the rest of his best years (assuming he comes back the player he was).

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My hope is that this at least shows negotiations are under way when previous signs were not encouraging going off of Mowbrays comments. It could also coincide with contact from the owners. Reports stating they have been contacted regarding the desperate need for a new centre back so maybe we've been given the green light... Others, Nyambe most of all seriously need to follow. 

Possibly a chance though that Dack was an easier deal to secure given his injury as he may not have been receiving a pay rise. Either way. Great he's signed. Fingers crossed we've got the go-ahead and more are to come.  

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