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Rovers vs Owls Boxing Day 3pm through a Socially Distanced Looking Glass

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After 21 games... 18/19 - 30 points, 6 off the play offs.  19/20 - 31 points, 3 off the play offs.  20/21 - 29 points, 7 off the play offs. 

Just logged on having watched on iFollow. No point scrolling past prior posts, I'll just briefly vent my spleen being apoplectic. It's the same old 'dog shit' we've witnessed for years. Don'

For all the mentions they are getting, Armstrong, Nyambe and Elliott are not the problem here! Gallagher playing wide in the front 3 has never worked, has never looked like working, and I’ll say

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1 minute ago, J*B said:

After 21 games...

18/19 - 30 points, 6 off the play offs. 
19/20 - 31 points, 3 off the play offs. 
20/21 - 29 points, 7 off the play offs. 

We are nowhere near. We have 8/11ths maybe 9/11ths or a very very good team.

We have a manager who can’t get the best out of them. We waited too long with Bowyer and we will do the same again.

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Still pricking about with the ball till the last minute.

60 MINUTES till a change after that dross. Douglas staying on for a full 90 after being terrible since he came here.

Mowbray you failed us as a manager in 2020, and I fully expect you to do the same in 2021.

2 points lost. Poor.

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1 minute ago, Gavlar Somerset Rover! said:

One win in six.

When did we last play well? Brentford first half?

I’m hoping the final myth that we play good football Mowbray is has finally been busted. Dull pointless possession football. 

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Nothing happened before Gallagher basically subbed himself off. WIth Brereton and Dack back, we will score loads of goals going forward. I would start Downing over Holtby at the moment, the latter needs a little rest before coming back to his best. Fluke goal for them and we were the superior side, but not to be. Good to see Dack playing well.


Oh, and we need a new left back.

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These results are solely on Mowbray and us to break teams down... but my god, Tony Pulis and the like are leaving a legacy of shite on football. Stoke and Rotherham last week, these today. Just with the added long throws and baseball cap.

Always been against it, but is it time to trial 60 minute games with the clock stopping. Football shouldn't be about shithousery and time-wasting to the level some teams use it.

Maybe I'm just moaning about it because we have never been able to do it. But its every fucking week.

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Just now, joey_big_nose said:

Two obvious things from today's game. We have to drop Gallagher and Douglas. 

Gallagher should be pretty straightforward with Dack and Brereton back. However we absolutely have to sign a left back from somewhere. Douglas is an absolute liability.

Wed's left back is pretty decent.

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