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Rovers vs Owls Boxing Day 3pm through a Socially Distanced Looking Glass

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After 21 games... 18/19 - 30 points, 6 off the play offs.  19/20 - 31 points, 3 off the play offs.  20/21 - 29 points, 7 off the play offs. 

Just logged on having watched on iFollow. No point scrolling past prior posts, I'll just briefly vent my spleen being apoplectic. It's the same old 'dog shit' we've witnessed for years. Don'

For all the mentions they are getting, Armstrong, Nyambe and Elliott are not the problem here! Gallagher playing wide in the front 3 has never worked, has never looked like working, and I’ll say

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1 minute ago, AdamRochina said:

Anything you heard or just dreaming? As I personally think mowbray will be here for a long time 

Dreaming but think the buck stop with the owners making the decisions in that area as waggott and Mowbray are mates..

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8 minutes ago, LDRover said:

Shite result, no positives you can take from that game.

We flick from stagnation to regression from game to game and will continue in that vein until the end of the season when we go full on regression.

Well last season we would have lost this game along with the last game and probably Millwall, but yep slow on build up when acres of space to go forward the ball either goes square or mainly back, 70 odd % possession, but again mainly in OUR half. 

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Feeling sick after the match. Got a kicker with their goal but amazing goal from rothwell to pull us level. Holtby has not been shining for a few matches now. Glad to see Brereton and Dack back. Brereton rusty with no minutes before his return but still showed better than Gally. Dack class. 

expected a better result tbh

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1 minute ago, darrenrover said:

Just logged on having watched on iFollow.

No point scrolling past prior posts, I'll just briefly vent my spleen being apoplectic.

It's the same old 'dog shit' we've witnessed for years. Don't anybody come on hear trying to preach any of this 'slow build' bull shit, I'm not in the mood.

We should have taken Wednesday to the fecking cleaners, they were crap. One crap team after another can sniff out and exploit our weaknesses, we can see it too. Are our management and coaches bloody blind, deaf and stupid? ( Apologies, I don't intend to offend but you never know these days)

We should have absolutely bloody murdered Wednesday, as it is we were fortunate not to concede a second.

Only positives, great to see Dacky and Brero back playing, fecking pity neither can play centre half or left back! Oh wait a minute..........

Cheers Tony for your efforts but there's a taxi outside, fair paid to Teeside. Off you pop!

Fecking fuming!!


I get the impression that Tony Mowbray is not the sort of manager who listens or takes advice from

any of his coaches.

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5 minutes ago, rovers11 said:

I like TM but it's time for a change. It's the same old story time and time again. We have a good squad this year, good enough for top 6 but we're not getting anything other than mid table. Buck has to stop with the manager. 

Who fires him though? No one at the club will and the owners have no idea what they're doing, so it won't happen. 

Spot on. If we had been on the ground today then verbally we could have applied some pressure. As it stands Tony Mowbray holds the keys and there is nobody to question his inability. Right now he's probably sat have a cup of tea thinking "we move on".   

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