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Rovers vs Owls Boxing Day 3pm through a Socially Distanced Looking Glass

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After 21 games... 18/19 - 30 points, 6 off the play offs.  19/20 - 31 points, 3 off the play offs.  20/21 - 29 points, 7 off the play offs. 

Just logged on having watched on iFollow. No point scrolling past prior posts, I'll just briefly vent my spleen being apoplectic. It's the same old 'dog shit' we've witnessed for years. Don'

For all the mentions they are getting, Armstrong, Nyambe and Elliott are not the problem here! Gallagher playing wide in the front 3 has never worked, has never looked like working, and I’ll say

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Great goal. Douglas and Ayala mess up partly due to them not playing together regularly. That's being kind to two professional defenders and leaders though....


Surely we will be more adventurous and get a goal or two in the second half 

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Under pressure now to bring Dack and Brereton on to dig us out at home against bottom place Sheffield Wednesday. 

That's the reality. 

Sick of the commentators constanly saying we are dominating whilst losing games. Like seriously, shut up and call it for the shite it is 



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The goal was somewhat out of the blue but in general we've been absolutely dire as well. One shot "on target" Armstrong's pea-roller from outside the box?

If Kaminsky goes for that shot with his right arm instead of the wrong arm he makes a relatively routine save imo.

Gallagher is so bad it's embarrassing. It's like the manager is deliberately trying to **** us off now.

**** off Tony.


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3 minutes ago, Bigdoggsteel said:

Header out for a throw by Gallagher 

We are a horrible, toothless tippy tappy bunch of pussies 

Every match we overplay it to the point of losing the ball then concede because of an awful defence who look like they haven't played together before.

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Classic rovers, total and utter domination without actually looking like scoring, one bit of terrible defending (Douglas again...) and we are 1-0 down.

Gallagher has to come off, he's worked against us. Anyone of Dolan, Dack or Brereton on. Otherwise team has played pretty well apart from Douglas but not really sure Bell would be any better.



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That goal is on Mowbray, Douglas has been responsible for a goal in every other game recently yet he's still picking him, Ayala shares the blame but it's just awful

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Mowbray has set this team up all wrong for that first half.

Let's see if he can correct it now.

We are certainly the better of the two sides and should be capable of turning this around.

74% possession has only generated 7 shots of which 1 was on target.

Powder puff stuff..

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Holtby has been very poor. Slows down our play.

For once, for once, i thought Lenihan had a commanding game so far with Ayala.

I cant see how Douglas is an upgrade from Bell.

Gallagher as usual worked his socks off but has sandbags tied to his feet.

Why do we make Sheff Wed seems like that they are so hard to break down?

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