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Shane Duffy 

Absolute shite yet again. Not even desperately ineffective but incredibly dull and poorly drilled. The season is essentially over before the turn of the year, miles off the pace, in the bottom half an

Why are we all wasting our time with recommendations......different fullbacks, big man in the middle, high press....etc, etc.....all utterly pointless with this man in charge....we can fart about all

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8 minutes ago, Tom said:

Has Dolan done something to upset Tone?

This annoys me more than anything, he causes problems for the opposition every time he comes on and creates chances. He'll be wanting to be off soon. Was great at the start of the season and deserves to be playing ahead of Gallagher 

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You know, after the Brentford fightback I was sure we actually had some fight in us, this time we drew 2-2 at Brentford not because we collapsed but because we were stronger... and the we follow it with another season of relegation level results.

Time to go Tony, I'm near the point where this dirge is masking anything good you did.

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2 minutes ago, Fraserkirky said:

This could be it for Tony. Funny feeling he might walk

Nah no chance sadly. Unfortunately his sacking has came 2/3 seasons too late for me, I’m at the point I don’t care. That’s mowbray that’s done that to me. I’m about 15% of the support I used to have. He is a horrible manager, pulled the wool over others eyes for far too long 

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