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No idea what we will be seeing this afternoon. I will watch because it is Rovers playing. Beyond that it feels like sitting in the dentist's chair with a numb mouth. I know it is probably go

Players in their natural positions?

That goal could be huge for Rovers and Dack. Oh for a manager that could get the best out of these lads week-in week-out.

Posted Images

Isn't it mad that our defence is so bad that when majority of our first choice is injured I am thinking "ah throw anyone in, can't be any worse?"

Can't even blame the reserves stepping in as the first choice players would probably be as bad if we concede. 

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1 minute ago, Hoochie Bloochie Mama said:

Players in their natural positions?

Don't be silly that never happens. 

The one that annoyed me most was Elliott. He was playing really well out wide so he moves him inside. Why? Just why? That is imbellic behaviour. There's no £5 million or teacher's pet reason to shoehorn Elliott into an unfamiliar position so why do it. 

I also don't think the current formation suits Dack at all but that's a longer term.worry. 

Goodness we are a mess. 

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Just now, Blue blood said:

The one that annoyed me most was Elliott. He was playing really well out wide so he moves him inside.

And moves the joint top scorer in the division out wide. Too clever by half is Tony, or at least he thinks he is. 

If he does make wholesale changes today and they still lose he will look like he's desperate. Never a good look for a manager. 

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This is some rapid decline. Tony appears to be clinging on and only a few weeks ago looked safe as houses. Admittedly I think he has made his bed. Today is must win but we all know the owners are trigger shy.

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2 hours ago, moops said:

This is my first post and I don't want to sound too optimistic but I really feel Rovers are still able to fight for one of the playoff spots. This league is all about momentum. A win today can change a lot.
In an ideal world, TM was already been fired but I can't see this happen no matter what. I know Rovers are not looking too good at this moment, but after seeing all the other teams in this league play, I truly believe there is a reason to be optimistic. 
Is Stoke city better? A team that after 35 minutes against Rovers, one of its players got a yellow card for time wasting.

Yes, because they beat us. 

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2 minutes ago, Hoochie Bloochie Mama said:

Yeah, says so in the LT. Ayala and Nyambe potentially missing??.  

I would have thought so. Ayala notoriously gets injured when its cold outside.

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5 minutes ago, EwoodGlory said:

He thinks he's found a use for Gally and sticking him at CB? 

In fairness, he has height, boundless energy and an ability to make himself awkward...

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53 minutes ago, CrouchingNunhiddenCucumber said:

Tony Mowbray has never won a game he has managed at St Andrews. Everything you need to know about him right there. 

Versus Coventry ?

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2 hours ago, 1864roverite said:

Got a feeling it’s Mowbray’s last stand if we lose.

A change of manager after today would allow positive impetus into the club if we lose today.

As fir watching on iFollow? Not a chance not only can I do without the frustration I can’t bear the thought of that awful commentary team!


There is not a cat in hell's chance that these owners will pot Mowbray, not a chance.

For one who is going to out the bug in their ear that it is time to go, his best buddy Waggot? no way not going to happen.

Look how long Kean kept his job whennit was clear to all and sundry he was way out of his depth.  Of course there was those in football's hierarchy who said we, us fans, were being mean and unreasonable, but the point stands, he should have.been gone after the 1st season.

Same thing with the outstanding, brown paper bags all round, candidate stuck around way longer than he should have.  He should never have made it into the New Year.  Couple that with the fact they kicked into touch the REAL outstanding candidate and it shows just how clueless and devoid of ambition they are.  No ToMo is here to stay until he subjects us to a Coventry type meltdown which, when watching the player's body language, is not too far away.

  Nope, there is nobody here that can guide the Venky's, that can.explain to them the footballing idiocy that this dinosaur comes up with week in week out.  No one to show them how players are not being played in there strongest positions, how favourites get game time ahead of better players, yeah he's here for a while yet.


Sorry I should have put thisnin the Mowbray thread, Mods move if you want.


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1 minute ago, simongarnerisgod said:

in a desperate  effort to demonstrate how to defend properly tony and venus have come out of retirement and are now our first choice centre backs

Could work.

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