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No idea what we will be seeing this afternoon. I will watch because it is Rovers playing. Beyond that it feels like sitting in the dentist's chair with a numb mouth. I know it is probably go

Players in their natural positions?

That goal could be huge for Rovers and Dack. Oh for a manager that could get the best out of these lads week-in week-out.

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An observation on Armstrong, maybe I am reading more into it than what is really was.

We have all noticed.Arma's.reluctance.to pass.  He has purposely overlooked Gally and perhaps even more often Brereton.  Even in biildnups I have witnessed him clearly ignore Ben when the pass was on.

Now,nhaving witnessed this frequently I found it interesting that when Dack first returned.comimg on as sub he passed to him wheever he had the chance, is there something to that?  Has he issues with Gally.and Big Ben?  Anyone else notice this.

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I thought it was a typo from a previous game. Has Travis played for the u23s or anything? Not even had a run from the bench. Really hope he is 100% here as the FA cup seems more logical. 
Back 4 of Douglas, Johnson, Lenihan and Bell. Gallagher back in the first 11. I just give up. 

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2 minutes ago, Hoochie Bloochie Mama said:

Douglas at RB, Johnson at CB? We're fooked!

Why wouldn’t you play Trav there who used to be a full back in the reserves. Douglas shouldn’t be anywhere near the team get the lad sent back to Leeds. Absolutely shite.

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That team looks comically unbalanced! I guess it's the best we can muster right now. 

Good to see Trav back... I must have missed the news about him because I wasn't expecting him back and in the starting 11.

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3 minutes ago, chaddyrovers said:

Crooke and Sharpe both saying Douglas at right back. 

Delighted that Travis and Davenport are starting

Douglas can't even play his preferred position🤣

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Travis is back which is excellent news if he's 100% fit, his game does not lend itself to playing when protecting an injury. 

Nice to see Davenport given a chance.

Douglas at RB will be interesting / worrying, for a brief moment I thought he may start Buckley there.

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5 minutes ago, simongarnerisgod said:

blatantly desperate to rush travis back after 3 months out,bloody unprofessional as well,i presume bell,a left back playing right back?? though glad to see davenport get a start,cannot for the life of me see why trybull does`nt start

Maybe hes not fully fit after his injury last time.. Think he should start. 

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