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Blackburn v Doncaster, FA Cup, Sat 9th Jan

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Well a full house on the Mowbray bingo. A textbook Mowbray performance with just about every ingredient on display today.  - Bright(ish) start to the game for the first 10-15 minutes but alas no

It was always going to be tough against a side like Doncaster. We did well to stay in it for as long as we did and make a contest of it. Donny have to be one of the favourites for this competitio

Beaten by a better coached and organised team, who played some nice stuff on the counter and thoroughly deserved their win.  The goalkeeper isn't good enough, terrible from Mowbray to spend money

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3 minutes ago, AspRover said:

Buckley looks good on the ball going forwards, but he isn't a fullback. Trybull looks tidy as a defensive player but doesn't offer that much else. Bell is awful but I can kind of see why we play him - he is stretching their defence simply by being there and being fast. Dack is neat but not up to speed yet. Dolan and Brereton running at their defenders look the biggest threat.

I'm not convinced Dack is quick enough at changing direction to ever play that role effectively for us.

Fucking hell that's dire from Pears. Shouldn't have been starting today.

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Pears positioning was dreadful then. The pitch didn’t help, but he should have been set much earlier. Anyone seen the young Greek keeper?

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