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Blackburn v Doncaster, FA Cup, Sat 9th Jan

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1 minute ago, AllRoverAsia said:

Anyway I went to put the kettle on and missed their goal.

There is a God.

My Dad contacted me excited to say he'd finally managed to sign in, then the goal went in.

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Well a full house on the Mowbray bingo. A textbook Mowbray performance with just about every ingredient on display today.  - Bright(ish) start to the game for the first 10-15 minutes but alas no

It was always going to be tough against a side like Doncaster. We did well to stay in it for as long as we did and make a contest of it. Donny have to be one of the favourites for this competitio

Beaten by a better coached and organised team, who played some nice stuff on the counter and thoroughly deserved their win.  The goalkeeper isn't good enough, terrible from Mowbray to spend money

Posted Images

Oh dear.....my view for what it's worth

Travis effective without the ball, not so with it.

Downing slow and ponderous

Pears is fucking crap

Tempo and urgency completely non-existent

Buckley out of position, ineffective and not looking to impact the game

Brereton poor and we're in danger of overrating him just because he doesn't fall over every time he gets the ball

Trybull neat and tidy

Bell is Bell

Dolan looks our main threat

Dack looks every inch a player who has missed 12 months of football

Just gutted I took Donny out of my acca at the last minute when they were a tasty 4/1

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I’ve only seen Pears twice including today - and haven’t ever seen Stergakis, but his resume is so much stronger than Pears. I can’t see how Pears is legitimately No2. 

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1 minute ago, DavidMailsTightPerm said:

You blame defence - but where was our midfield ?

Yep true, considering the 3 CMs are all ‘holding’ types. They did get in between the midfield and defensive line far too easily. 

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7 minutes ago, Butty said:

He should have saved it no doubt about that but he can’t solely be blamed when there man has just been allowed to run the length of the River Thames unchallenged. 

Yes, he was allowed to run too far but it was a poor shot that any competent keeper should save. 

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2 minutes ago, Rogerb said:

One piece of play in that first half sums Mowbray up we have the ball level with Doncaster 18 yard line. Ball ends up with our keeper we kept possession mind. Oh and pears is far worse than Steele.

Seeing that goal again is just appalling from Pears, better goalkeepers at Blacksnape/Corporation Park

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at the moment im`e really struggling to be enthused with anything that rovers do,not saying mowbray does`nt have a couple  good points but this is the most boring rovers side ever,i would`nt mind so much if we were totally lacking in ability but it`s far from the case

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1 hour ago, 92er said:

Might not be good, but what about when we conceded 7 goals against Shrewsbury in our first ever spell in the 3rd Division. No idea who played in that team, but the defence must have been awful.

No Sir roger got injured.

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I think you’re all being a bit harsh on Pears. That pitch is hard you know, he could hurt himself diving. 

That will be the hard pitch that has undersold heating.

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13 minutes ago, J*B said:

Pears positioning was dreadful then. The pitch didn’t help, but he should have been set much earlier. Anyone seen the young Greek keeper?

His positioning had been poor on many occasions in his 3 apps. Spotted it several times today and of course during his debut. 

Crap goalie. 

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7 minutes ago, Doogs said:

Ih my it's a good job the fans arnt allowed in. How many would turn up each week to watch this week after week?..Asking for a friend.

Put it this way if fans were allowed back in next week I won’t be going until Moggasaurus has been put out to grass 

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