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After ten years or so of total mismanagement, from the owners down, with the odd exception, those nominally in charge, middling managers, and chancing agents, idiots and those that have completely made easy money (cough, Murphy etc), we have been dumped out of the FA Cup.

As proud winners of six of these, we went out with a whimper. Irrespective of our current manager, we are in a critical and terrible time in our World, and as a result we are confined to home, and cannot watch what's on show, save via streams and ifollow!. At least we have football to watch. But not as we know it (some reference to Spock, or someone similar).

Our club is seemingly in one of those shark baths, that formaldehyde so loved by Damian (not my mate on here), that keeps us suspended in mid-table mediocrity in perpetuity so that we can dream of groundhogs.

With little prospect of going back to our beloved (decrepit)  Ewood any time soon, what are fan's thoughts? I am in tier eight, vaccine sometime in the middle of summer. The rates are frightening, I can't see fans returning until next season. That is, August/September? We as fans are watching turgid fayre in the meantime. The club is quiet, the pitch is a field, the outskirts need serious attention. I see lots  of folk on here very disillusioned about the future. I know it is our club, but I still hate the owners, despite their deep pockets, because they have no idea where to go with all this. 

I'm sure fans will go back when allowed. We crave live sport. But, our club is becalmed, owner/manager and management are hopeless.

Where will we be after all of this, what will be the fan base be? 


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I certainly don't miss watching the shit The Rovers are producing at the moment. I am just glad I never renewed my season ticket. If we improve I will retune the radio on Saturday afternoons. Tier 7, vaccine sometime in the future. Still Alive and Kicking.

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Some of my family have came down with covid quite bad recently, so this is the most real the pandemic has felt since March. With the number of players coming down with covid and game cancellations, it feels like we're a long way off being able to go back to Ewood freely. 

Happy that we're able to at least watch Rovers via streams, but what we're having to watch at the moment is so poor and frustrating, it barely feels worth it. Quite disillusioned with everything Rovers at the moment but am holding out a bit of hope that our fortunes turn once Travis & Dack improve their fitness with game time.

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