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Don't need lectures from you on my commitment thanks. I'd have been happy if we'd scabbed an undeserved win but a point that might help keep a lame duck manager in situ for a while longer isn't a

Someone posted earlier, maybe we're not as good as we think we are ? Well i've totally stopped thinking about the players, i'ts all about the manager for me. I would have replaced him straig

Dack, Travis and Johnson very poor. Douglas best game, Branthwaite promising, Holtby, Buckley, Brereton and Davenport changed the game and probably deserve starts vs Swansea. Overall, a terr

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I think he just wanted to insure Arma would be completely in the clear..drew the defender in well but I see people's point...have to allow for shite officials. Much like boxing, you can't leave it in the hands of the judges. Joke.

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Awful stuff.

Downing's contract would have more than paid for a pitch relay!!!!!

Chorley put us to shame.

How far we have declined.


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Wonder if those young Venky's female employees have any other essential ground maintenance tools besides scissors? They would be a lot faster as well at Ewood as they would have two hands free (No sun Parasol needed )

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