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Don't need lectures from you on my commitment thanks. I'd have been happy if we'd scabbed an undeserved win but a point that might help keep a lame duck manager in situ for a while longer isn't a

Someone posted earlier, maybe we're not as good as we think we are ? Well i've totally stopped thinking about the players, i'ts all about the manager for me. I would have replaced him straig

Dack, Travis and Johnson very poor. Douglas best game, Branthwaite promising, Holtby, Buckley, Brereton and Davenport changed the game and probably deserve starts vs Swansea. Overall, a terr

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1 minute ago, West Yorks Rover said:

I'd settle for a manager with a winning mentality, who can at least get his players up for a game.

Managers with winning mentalities almost always set their teams up to first and foremost be very difficult to score against. It's the first and most important piece of the puzzle. Mowbray has never and will never put that piece in place. His entire managerial career is proof of that.

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Mowbray will point to disallowed goal but overall we didn't deserve to win

Someone tell the manager a match is 90 minutes long, noit just the last 15

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Not going to celebrate a 1-1 draw at home with Stoke, especially with the performance being so, so bad for the majority of the match. 

The team needs fresh eyes and fresh ideas. The sooner the manager leaves the better at this point. I don't expect it, and I'm certainly not saying I trust the owners to bring in the right person, but it's what we need to progress.

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Just now, Exiled_Rover said:

I'm waiting for a referee strong enough NOT to blow up when a defender falls over on the ball facing their own goal. 

That's never a foul by Buckley. 

It was 100% a foul. A brainless, silly foul.

Buckley put out his arm and pushed him. Yes, ever so slightly and he went down too easily, but it's a foul. 

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