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22 hours ago, JoeH said:

I understand the kits haven't arrived, but surely they could get Macron to take some pictures of them over in Italy and stick them out on social media/website. Start pre-order sales and build some hype. People can start to collect at the Leeds or Swansea games and then deliver out the others after that once they're all here. 

If the away kit is what I'm told it is, a pre-sale for these kits would do really well and might help offset some of the season ticket losses. 

Surely this is plausible?

Well, out with it and don't leave us in suspense

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16 minutes ago, FudgeDredd said:

Anyone know if these are genuine?




No idea if genuine, but they appeared on reddit a couple of weeks ago

If the real things are anything close to these, would be a thumbs up from me (providing its reverse halves on the back :) )

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Its almost perfect, would have preferred opposite sleeve colours, but a solid start from Macron. 

I'd guess the away might be the same design, but in red and black?

Intrigued to know what colour the socks are, and also the goalkeeper shirts to come.


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1 minute ago, RoversClitheroe said:

Will the away kit be announced today?

It'd be surprising. From a marketing perspective, get the initial wave of sales done with for this, then release the away kit and another batch of sales. Avoid punters having to choose between the 2 and maybe not returning for another sale. 

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