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24th January 2021 Middlesbrough Away 15:00

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5 minutes ago, Gavlar Somerset Rover! said:

None of the players look comfortable where they’re playing. Travis seems to be playing pretty much RM FFS. 

Such a sh*te half but I know none of us are surprised. I’d bloody love it for one of the Sky boys to say this is Rovers, we’re not the ‘excellent footballing side’ that Mowbray and the media tell us we are. But that ain’t gonna happen.

It’s disorganised it’s dreadful but tchaddy says it’s good. How can anyone watch today and see they say the progress it’s dog shit, Boro better side and we’ve not challenged them once at there goal. Coyle football was better

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1 minute ago, Traviscon said:

Why does he keep persisting with Rothwell in that front 3.

Yeah I really don't get this either, Rothwell is much better running from deep.

I would get Brereton on so there is someone for the ball to stick to. Id take Buckley back off to be honest and drop Rothwell into midfield.

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1 minute ago, RTM08 said:

What are we betting this week's excuse is. Can't be the pitch, can't be the referee... I'm guessing the injury to Johnson will be his go to.

I'm going with the early injuries upset our rhythm

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Just now, Sparks Rover said:

And the problem will manifest itself in the second half .  He won't sub the sub and will sub someone he shouldn't.  

It’s so disorganised and half arsed imagine Hughes side or souness accepting this. This is the worst football since our PL days I’m fuming

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