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24th January 2021 Middlesbrough Away 15:00

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This guy is turning out to be a good investment!

I see your user name is submarine. Is that why you got this wrong?

2 superb passes from, without doubt, our best player. All those doubting Dack need to give their heads a wobble.

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We just can't pick up any balls in midfield. Were positionally naive and slow in that area.

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Just now, Stuart said:

Really struggling with how badly Mowbray has this decent set of players playing.

If he hasn’t lost the dressing room yet I don’t want to watch them when he has. 🙈

Mate I’ve said this for weeks no one is playing we looked disheveled walking on the pitch. They looked better and together under coyle for Christ sake. Get him out tonight 

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Just now, jim mk2 said:

"Klopp is a big fan of how Rovers play"...... commentator

Is that what he said? I missed the name and thought he said their under 23 coach, but Klopp 😂 Jesus maybe he is watching too much of us and it's rubbing off 

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I don't think Mowbray has "lost" the dressing room in terms of the players disliking him, but I do think most if not all of the players are losing or have lost belief in what Tony is asking them to do. We aren't getting thrashed in any matches so there is obviously some effort there, but without the belief to go with that it translates to the disjointed mess we are now witnessing match after match.

I think it was @Gavlar Somerset Rover! who said this doesn't feel like one of the normal 'death spirals' and each match makes me think that more and more. This feels like the end of a manager's time at a club, except in our case 'the end' normally comes months after it becomes obvious things aren't working. 

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