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Ep 140 - Trainers, Extra Time & Tim Farron

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In a packed episode we meet Elliott from @DasslersCraft to learn about trainers customisation, hear an extract from Daniel Gray's excellent book "Extra Time - 50 Further Delights of Modern Football"; narrated by our Canadian correspondent Bill Arthur; and our special guest interview in Part 3 is with former Lib Dem leader & keen Rovers fan Tim Farron. 
Listen right to the end for a perspective of iFollow from Mr & Mrs Arthur (the Terry & June of the BRFCS podcast...), plus a special contribution from US wrestler Casanova Valentine courtesy of our friends @NYC Rovers.
Thanks to Matt Hall (@nerdphonic) for the professional voiceover inserts - he is available for hire - and to Hollie & Josh for the "enthusiastic amateur" ones 🙂
Louis & Michael (or is it TM?) provided the advert for our terrific sponsors @theterracelife and The Symmetry provided the music.
Hosting, editing & production courtesy @IanHerbert...I think that's it...Enjoy !

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Screenshot 2021-01-24 at 13.13.32pm.jpeg

Screenshot 2021-01-21 at 18.20.28pm.jpeg

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51 minutes ago, O'Malley said:

Looking forward to this as the owner of a pair of customised Gazelles. Adidas designer and creator of the 'Spezial' range Gary Aspden might make a good future guest. He's a Darwen lad, Rovers fan and inspiration behind the iconic Blackburn Spezial.

We have tried...

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14 hours ago, bazza said:

Another excellent podcast. I enjoyed Tim Farron but the best for me was the explanation of ifollow.  Hilarious but true. 

Mr & Mrs Arthur are fast becoming the BRFCS “Terry & June” for those with long memories....long may it continue...

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