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I know it’s been mentioned a few times, but I honestly think he really crossed a line last night when he made the comment: ’we are the team we are, with respect to Blackburn Rovers, we haven’t be

With respect to Tony Mowbray, we are Blackburn Rovers and we have pulled you off the football scrapheap and given you 4 years that your previous management achievements barely deserved. Now that you a

The bottom line is that he was poor.  Caught badly out of position on the second and stood off and allowed the player to shoot for the first.  Neither Harwood-Bellis nor Branthwaite look convincing at

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What a fucking shambles. These 2 loaned are fucking shite and our gameplan just consists of kicking it out of play for a Barnsley goal kick.

Why would anyone want to keep him after this?

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Much worse than expected.

Disjointed, hopeless rubbish.

No reaction, no effort to improve it, just 90 minutes of crap.

There are no signs of this getting any better.

This is an unacceptable waste.



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4 minutes ago, Bbrovers2288 said:

Mowbrays time here is not going to end pretty , I think he will be absolutely hated in a few years 

When a man cares more than his bank balance than what’s best for the club I’m afraid so. 

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The 2 managers are worlds apart. 
What even is Mowbrays motivation now. Where is he actually taking us. 
Ismael is screaming at his players all the way through. Played for big clubs, good managerial record and a progressive appointment by Barnsley. All credit to them. 

Not a chance we see anything like that with Waggot overseeing orders here. Imagine your pal from previous jobs is your manager with nobody to answer to. Mental. So many fans lap it up because of ‘stability’ ‘Kean’ etc. 


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That's it for me.  I won't be watching the game on Saturday because what's the point?

In January we were awful, but at least we were getting results.  Now there's no results and no indication that things are gonna improve.

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Mowbray and others will have some comments about the pitch but the fact is whilst we've been hoofing it out of play Barnlsley have passed and played through us this second half.

Its not just 3 losses on the trot. It's 3 abject performances on the trot as well.

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Ok folks - this is going to be a big thread this evening and tomorrow.

I urge you not to start hurling insults at each other. If your post is reported for abuse of other members the mods have no option but to issue bans. 

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