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Disgraceful stuff from Mowbray, he literally said midweek there was no reason he was dropped  But yeah he’s honest and decent all right 

Asked about how concerned he was by a fourth straight defeat, Mowbray said: “I’ve talked about my views on football, I’m performance related, I think the performance was really decent and if we play l

Nyambe has made a goal line clearance, won a pen and been one of our best attacking threats. Yet he’s not good enough for Mowbray.

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Just now, Exiled_Rover said:

He's not being played in the position that he was such a revelation in - nor does he have a big striker to play off. 

That is true but the lad looks unable to run and get about, he’s struggling with the basics 


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Well ladies and gentleman, here at Venky's Rovers we hope you're all playing Tony Tombola Bingo at home. A reminder that so far we have had...

Gally playing on the wing - Put a cross in that box

No goals in the first half - Check

Random little fella played up front (Elliot) against their big opposition centre halves - Check

Underperforming loanees kept on in favour of our own young player, sacrificed despite having a good game (Ben) - Check

Concede in the first half like usual - Check.

Something needed to whine about and blame in post-match interviews, like a missed penalty - We have a line of Tony Specials!


For a full house and to shout out "BINGO!" all we're waiting for is...

- All remaining subs thrown on with ten minutes to go, to hope like hell something works


-Nyambe hooked for a non-right back, probably a midfielder whose name begins with B...Bennett or Buckley. 

-  Perhaps a scrappy undeserved goal to prolong the current Death Spiral. 


It really is Groundhog Day following Rovers under Mowbray, isn't it?




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Tbh at this point I feel really harsh giving any particular players too much criticism because I don't thing any of them would be as bad if we had someone in charge who could actually play with a coherent plan. 

The constant changing of personnel (which is done regardless of injuries before that's used as an excuse) means no partnerships can be built and no real momentum can either. 

Time for a new man. Cheerio Tony, and take Venus and Waggott with you.

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46 minutes ago, Bigdoggsteel said:

Cardiff winning again 

Could make top 6

So ,so frustrating. Wanted Big Mick when Kean was sacked. Lunatics running the asylum

Mick must be taking his journey on a racehorse. Old tone is on a rocking horse. 

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