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Brockhall STC - planning permission application ?

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38 minutes ago, PeteJD13 said:

Sadly a lot of fans have bought into it, one thing I want to know is did this sell off originate in Pune or closer to home

I'd lay odds it's been cooked up around here then pitched to them back there via the middlemon.

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With respect, you are talking absolute rubbish on this point and imo being extremely disrespectful to Jack Walker. I hope my post doesn't send you scurrying off to the moderators to complain as I woul

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6 minutes ago, Claytons Left Boot said:

Given the abject, passive, ‘couldn’t give a feck’ response from 95% of our support once it became clear we were being rinsed and raped by unscrupulous two hats back in 2010-2012, I have every confidence in the Coventry Three causing untold damage and pulling off this scam. 

Amen to that 🙏

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4 hours ago, phili said:

I was speaking to a developer during the week who claims it is a lot further along than we anticipate. He indicated that the STC has already been sold to a developer pending approval of the planning application.

I am hopeful he was just pulling my leg but I am not so sure these days.

Why billionaires require this small amount of cash i have no idea. Also as investments in training grounds and youth developments are excluded from FFP calculations they could build a world class facility at any time they want. 

I could understand moving to one facility if we were moving to a 200 acre purpose built facility but this just makes no sense at all as Brockhall is already in the top 15 facilities in the UK and certainly the best in the Championship.

Wouldn't be surprised at that at all that's why they were trying to keep it quiet as long as possible. Waggot will have somebody primed and ready to jump once the boxes are ticked. He's probably been quietly beavering away on this since he first set foot in the place and clapped eyes on it.

Cannot believe so many have swallowed his garbage the shifty looking chancer. We are about to be rinsed again i fear, next up, player sales. Then stuck with Mowbray keeping a squad of kids, journey men and Boro cast offs in midtable for another decade.

All whilst we wait for this state of the art facility crammed in a corner to get signed off and turn us into the Lancashire Brentford.


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20 hours ago, tomphil said:

Nothing will happen for years because soon as PP is granted they'll flog the land. Then most of the much promoted improvements and rebuilding will go on ice with similar spin to this journey we are on.

This is all about short term cash.

Exactly what happened at Coventry. They sold their training ground 8 years ago and the only reason it isn't already housing is that Coventry Council and Sport England put a clause in the sale saying a new Training Ground/Centre had to be built first. No new Training Ground has been built. 

I wonder if a similar clause will be put in by RVBC? Otherwise the club can just knock down the STC and be under no obligation to do build another.

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A brand new development of the scale and quality being vaguely hinted at by the shysters would be a considerable time from the planning approval to completion, even without taking into account the need to clear the existing site and prepare the ground for the new build. A lot longer than the close season.

Which begs the 'elephant in the room's question about "where are the players supposed to train in the interim?" 

Perhapsthats the real reason they've been destroying the Ewood pitch (what's left of it) since January - to get used to the loss of Brockhall...

What a crock. Now would be a good time for one of those fly-by jobs with a pointed message for the cheats, liars, crooks and gurning incoherent ones to feck off, trailing behind for all to see...

What a shame they've been able to cook up this obvious scam behind closed doors, with no one on their case at the home of association football.

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