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I really dislike the dumbing down. ”do you really expect us to be beating Watford?” Yes! If we had any real ambitions of promotion we certainly should be looking to beat them but there’

5 defeats on the trot. Awful, clueless football. A CEO who won’t sack the manager come what may. A manager who won’t walk away. A manager who infers regularly that fans expect too

Young Man you've got to knock the facility down I said young man, neglect the Ewood Park ground I said young man Let's burn Jack's legacy down All that will make Venky's happy It's

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2 minutes ago, Angry_Pirate said:

Conceded first (again), losing (again), playing nothing football (again), no effort (again), no passion (again), no ideas (again)..

And I don't even care. Cheers Tony.

Maybe this will be the "nowhere to hide" spanking we've been needing to finally get him the push now we've finally fell into the bottom half.

You do care. It just doesn’t hurt anymore. 

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1 minute ago, bluebruce said:

Harsh, but I do think he has been off for a few games now and been lucky to avoid criticism for a few mistakes recently. Partly because of his reputation, partly because they mostly weren't noticeable unless you're paying attention.

That's it though, people were so happy it wasnt Walton that they praised every half decent thing he did, I personally feel he is rash, hasty and frantic. He has alot of potential but he is given a free pass alot of the time it seems.

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5 minutes ago, jim mk2 said:

Long balls aimed at a 5ft 7in centre forward🙄

Exactly what I’m seeing mate, absolutely nonsence tactic on what is a heavy boggy pitch, Armstrong will be done by half time chasing nothing balls 

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After tonight Mowbray should get his slice of lemon drizzle and stick on the Batman trilogy:

"You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."  

Well Tony, you've already mastered the Two-Face role... now time to do us the ultimate favour and swan off into retirement.

Edited by Angry_Pirate
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We genuinely need to be looking at the bottom three now and hoping results go our way. I I don't think we will go down but we are looking like relegation fodder right now. Probably enough of a head start to avoid the drop. 

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Just now, Madon said:

Season ticket numbers from 19/20 will be halved next season if they keep Mowbray in charge.

Could be embarrassing if Bolton are getting much bigger crowds than us, 2 leagues down, unless of course

they get promoted this season, they'll be double ours.

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4 minutes ago, Darrenbot said:

You're looking at the wrong end of the table,we need to start looking whats going on at the bottom.

No i'm not, just admiring what big Mick is doing.

0-2 up now.

Edited by West Yorks Rover
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