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Things I’m not interested in seeing or hearing:  1) Any talk about a journey  2) Where the managers best interests are 3) The value of the squad  4) Promotion from League One 

Extremely bored of all this, anyone else? Seriously struggled watching the game today it's just utter dross. 

A change of manager is needed.   

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Douglas seems so cocky, like he is this baller, tries tricks and little drag backs, someone needs to tell him he is filth and can't do anything right! Sick of him and his abysmal performances!

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1 minute ago, Exiled_Rover said:

Ostigard seems to be a prick - complaining when he scored an offside goal. Shoved Lenihan and complains that he got booked. 


If you saw the incident you will see why Østigård reacted like that.

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42 minutes ago, Exiled in Toronto said:

Enjoyable to watch after a dire first five minutes where Nyambe failed to stop two dangerous crosses coming in, missed two headers and passed straight to two opponents; Douglas then taking the dire armband for the rest of the half. Cracking goal made by a great Rothwell pass and a great first time finish.

You really don't wanna credit Nyambe huh? Happy to slag him off but the only one you left out of the goal he assisted.

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3 minutes ago, S8 & Blue said:

There’s no plan. We rely on individual quality and that is it.

Honestly, I think that's how we've always been under Mowbray. The amount of times our better players bailed him out in our league one season was unreal

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