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Just now, Cherry Blue said:

None. No support for Mowbray from team there.

They weren't trying to win at all.

That was as much as a poor performance as the losses. The difference is we were playing a very poor side who looked set up to try and get a point. They went down to ten and we didn't have a shot on goal.

The only players I can give any credit to are Nyambe and Brereton took the goal well. Besides that, really poor. Mowbray still doesn't know how to set up the team to their strengths. Still five passes forwards, one pass back to the keeper.

If anyone tries to say that was better, it wasn't. It was as shit as it's ever been.

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Things I’m not interested in seeing or hearing:  1) Any talk about a journey  2) Where the managers best interests are 3) The value of the squad  4) Promotion from League One 

Extremely bored of all this, anyone else? Seriously struggled watching the game today it's just utter dross. 

A change of manager is needed.   

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2 minutes ago, rovers11 said:

The regression continues. Terrible result against a poor side.

Didnt watch the game and won't be for the rest of the season. 


2 minutes ago, CD_93 said:

That's enough match passes for me this season. Just f*****g boring.

Same here, stopped watching last weekend.

I really want to support these players, but I can't condone the way the manager has acted this past month.

Wonder what the figures for iFollow were today...

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1 minute ago, S8 & Blue said:

Wank this.

Good players, no plan.

Suppose we didn’t lose again.

It's an unbalanced squad, but yes there's good players in there.

When you can throw on Trybull (he gets way too much criticism - he's a tidy DM) off the bench you've got a deep squad. 

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Tony will see that as a great success. Avoided the six defeat record.

Now if we can just find a way to get one of the opposition players sent off early in each match we might have chance. Against XI we really struggle.

Awful awful stuff but nothing is going to change while Mowbray is here.

“We Go Again” 💪🏻

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Just now, West Yorks Rover said:

No doubts in my mind,he's lost the dressing room, it's got to be the only conclusion after that

2nd half performance, they want him out.

Can only hope

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More garbage, this Rivers side is harder to watch than any I can remember.  Alway looking to go back, ti.e after ti.e we are within ine oass if their box and 2 or 3 passes later Kaminski has it.

  Another masterful half time talk by Gobray, it is ugky ugky ugky it really is olayers seem to have no idea what to do.  Forward thinking olayers are oulled or not played.  Rothwell playing in iur half, Dack playing in iur half or on the wing.  Constant high balls to Armstrong, Douglas is awful.  It is time fir Tony Mowbray to man up and hand the reigns to someone else.  I can't even stand.to watch us, outplayed at home by relegation threatened Coventry who finished with 10 men.  Wake up Venkies and take care of business cos I can not stand anymore of this and while you are at it fix that disgrace of a football pitch.  Better yet sell and stay focused on chickens.

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1 year to the weekend since fans last attended a game.

(At minimum) that is game #18 Tony has avoided fan displeasure at FT. 

The nightmare continues... maybe on Tuesday night if Reading sticks 4 past us again it MIGHT make a difference.

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Dacks goal threat was all about finding space around the box at the right time. We don't put the ball in the box anymore so he's nullified. Another game crying out for a Graham-type striker to come on, so we can try a plan B. Unfortunately we've gone all-in on tippy tappy shite and don't have that option.

Another point closer to 50 and keeps a team below us at bay at least.

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Didn't watch it today, unless it's free on the red button I'm not wasting £10 until Mowbray goes.

Saw the goals on Soccer Saturday. Cracking finish by Brereton and great set up play by Nyambe.

The latter will be sadly missed when we lose him for next to nothing due to the negligence of Mowbray and Waggott.


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Let me guess, 'we shut out a good Coventry side with our bare bones team so it's another point in the bag. We continue the journey, which started yesterday again in light of recent shite results'


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4 minutes ago, Tormund said:

Did he really only use three subs today instead of five? I am shocked.

Yes, because he has no idea what to do with them anyway so why complicate things. Game was.going as he wanted why screw it up.  Get him out.

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