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44 minutes ago, Fodentinklesthetadger said:

Hopefully the prodigy sergeant Dan Pike, will be called upon duty today. 

He’s been absolutely incredible throughout the Premier League 2 season, such a throw back safe to say he will be one of the best in years to come. 

His technical game play is of the highest standard.


Over & Out Mr. Tinkle Tadge

Our continual full back problems hopefully will end with Pickering and Pike.

And a manager who feels the pressure  of wanting to be successful and wants to please the fans.

Coventry 3 Maggot Pie Penuses out.

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Things I’m not interested in seeing or hearing:  1) Any talk about a journey  2) Where the managers best interests are 3) The value of the squad  4) Promotion from League One 

Extremely bored of all this, anyone else? Seriously struggled watching the game today it's just utter dross. 

A change of manager is needed.   

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Coventry are much better than their recent form suggests, and I think we might be in for a very tough game. Think we will draw 1-1 with Coventry taking the lead after 30 mins and us equalising some point in the second half 

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3 hours ago, Waggy76 said:

That is the worst possible outcome ..

How's a 1-1 draw the "worst possible outcome"?

Wouldn't a 1-0 defeat be worse than that? Or losing 2-1? And so on, ad infinitum.

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@WIR Second ComingStrangely enough, I was imagining Clint, as Dirty Harry, speaking my post as I was writing it.

In 1998 we beat Coventry 5-1 at Ewood Park and lost that season's return fixture 5-0. This season we best them 4-0 ...

@roversfan99Mowbray and co being fired will not offset the pain a loss today will cause, but it will certainly help.

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1 minute ago, Fraserkirky said:

I have a really horrible Evansy and Bennettity feeling today. 

I think you’ll be 50% correct

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3 hours ago, SIMON GARNERS 194 said:

Woke up this morning and still refuse point blank to believe that we can't win this game.We can't lose SIX on the bounce,we have to win.

A message to the lot of them in our famous colours..shape yourselves for fecks sake!!!!😠

I’m with you SG. I can’t see us losing a sixth in a row - it’s unthinkable.

My concern is that the way we set up and play, and the current mindset is that it is going to be an uphill struggle.

We are going to have to be really on it and we need people putting their bodies on the line to keep a clean sheet. Are they up for that - especially for a manager who isn’t even concerned about results?

Here’s hoping Coventry are not at the races. 

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