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Things I’m not interested in seeing or hearing:  1) Any talk about a journey  2) Where the managers best interests are 3) The value of the squad  4) Promotion from League One 

Extremely bored of all this, anyone else? Seriously struggled watching the game today it's just utter dross. 

A change of manager is needed.   

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3 minutes ago, Exiled_Rover said:

No, they said he scored against Coventry and last time he was at Ewood he was managing a team that put us out of the UEFA Cup. 


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You won wonder what Mowbray watches in training.

You see Rothwell picking the ball up from the back four and pinging accurate passes about playing centrally - he looks like a PL CM. How you spend two years shoving him out wide left because he can dribble a little bit and he reminds you of Benrahma is beyond me. Criminal mismanagement. 

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1 minute ago, simongarnerisgod said:

if douglas passes it back one more time im`e going down to ewood,forcing my way in and going to give him some serious abuse👿

Looks like we are back to the pass forward, pass forward, pass forward, get almost everyone committed, then pass  all the way backward to Lenihan or Kaminski.

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No matter what you think of this season. Finally, the emergence of BB has been really pleasing.

Looked good and intense already today and bagged a really nice finish.

Love the big useless turd he’s ace.

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