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I don't enjoy this. I don't want to dislike Mowbray, I don't want to see him erode the good work and respect he has built up. If the owners and their representatives had any interest or decency they w

I don't think I've ever been so low with regards to Rovers. I feel even worse now than I did under that lip licking bastard Kean and that's saying something! Back then it was a shock and a tad su

Nine years in total. World War Two started and finished inside of six. Nine years is Dr no to diamonds are forever. A little bit longer was putting the twin towers up, eleven years. Eight years was wh

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Just now, davulsukur said:

Good play from Dolan

Its all we have, moments of individual brilliance 

I wouldn't call it that. Young lad with legs against tired players....bit of a one trick pony in my opinion

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Just now, Tom said:

Raw but Dolan is causing more problems for them than Elliot did by far 

Whilst Elliot is class on his day it has infuriated me that Dolan was really doing well and we just brought a loan in to push him out of the team. 

Same every time, player breaks through from the academy, gets a young player from another team and they get pushed back.

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It’s about time OPTA stopped publishing possession and touches-in-the-box stats.

Meaningless twaddle that managers like Mowbray use as an excuse.

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11 minutes ago, booth said:

Venus and Mowbray up, it’s as if the medication has worn off and they’ve realised they are actually managing a football club.

They thought they heard Planning permission as passed, when it was Puscus planning a  pass

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Lots of talk on Twitter about us dominating possession and if we lose Tony will say the same but it’s meaningless.

They’ve been happy to sit and let us have the ball since their goal, the possession means absolutely nothing 

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