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I don't enjoy this. I don't want to dislike Mowbray, I don't want to see him erode the good work and respect he has built up. If the owners and their representatives had any interest or decency they w

I don't think I've ever been so low with regards to Rovers. I feel even worse now than I did under that lip licking bastard Kean and that's saying something! Back then it was a shock and a tad su

Nine years in total. World War Two started and finished inside of six. Nine years is Dr no to diamonds are forever. A little bit longer was putting the twin towers up, eleven years. Eight years was wh

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1 minute ago, jim mk2 said:

Nyambe's playing very well, our best player, wouldn't be surprised to see him in the Premier League soon

But not as a full back he isn't. If we want to see him playing brilliantly as a winger every match then that should be his starting position and we should put a real full back behind him.  Ditto Bell.

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Just now, Hoochie Bloochie Mama said:

You've not singled a player out all night, or the manager, or the CEO. Bucko comes on and you can't help yourself. 

Did he spurn your advances?

I've slagged Dack, the kid, Dolan and Bucko.

You only pick out Bucko.  And no, I won't meet up with you.

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2 minutes ago, Cherry Blue said:

No because Elliott will get the blame for this defeat. 

Doubt he'll say too much. 

Although if one of our own youngsters had have done that TM would never stop going on about it and said player would be blackmailed for 6 months.

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9 minutes ago, TimmyJimmy said:

It's a back 2. Christ knows where the other two are. Probably 'oveloading' somewhere in the oppositions box.

Bell has had a good game for his standards, Nyambe has been better in previous matches but is a constant threat. Their left back matches his pace and is a good full back, can't expect Rhino to be our main outlet every game.


Basically a clean sheet from our defenders apart from their goal. Thought Harwood-Bellis should have let Kaminiski deal with Joao and gotten closer to Puskas on their goal but it was mission impossible.

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1 point from a possible 21.

Yet Mowbray is still playing the same system as the start of that run (and way before, when it looked poor).

The same weak, wasteful, ineffective football. The same shape, the same ‘patterns’.

No visible attempt to improve or change anything.


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Top scientists at the cutting edge of technology cannot create the instrumentation sensitive enough to measure just how little I can be arsed with this absolute fucking shit.

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1/21 ... in truth at almost any other club he would have been removed some time ago, during one of the many death spirals we've endured since returning to the Championship, but continuing to stick with Mowbray now just proves the owners really have learnt nothing and either don't care or don't have the time required to correctly assess and run this club.

Most on here have known this for a very long time anyway, but then you see the "we need to welcome Venky's back" posts and realise for many fans mid-table Championship with a boring manager is the height of their expectations... and that's very sad. Soon we may be even lower than that, once again "fighting" just to stay in this league. Back to where we started and all of Mowbray's good work completely undone. 

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