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I don't enjoy this. I don't want to dislike Mowbray, I don't want to see him erode the good work and respect he has built up. If the owners and their representatives had any interest or decency they w

I don't think I've ever been so low with regards to Rovers. I feel even worse now than I did under that lip licking bastard Kean and that's saying something! Back then it was a shock and a tad su

Nine years in total. World War Two started and finished inside of six. Nine years is Dr no to diamonds are forever. A little bit longer was putting the twin towers up, eleven years. Eight years was wh

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1 minute ago, Paul Mellelieu said:

Just checking with the mids if it's okay to say F off to board members, call them cunts and the like.

Don't do it.

It hurts misjudging something so completely. 

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Just now, booth said:

Those players aren’t playing for him, no one can tell me otherwise. They are just giving it a leaderless go week in week out.

I think they tried tonight, but we didn't create much against a good side. But we're conceding goals in every fashion possible. From set pieces, individual mistakes from our goalkeeper, centre halves, creative midfielders etc. etc. We're not organised to win on a regular basis and fight for promotion, and I don't know why we have so many injuries - is it down to our physio department? Rigerous training regime? 

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6 minutes ago, joey_big_nose said:

I would be interested to hear how many managers survive a six loss in seven run. Can't be many.

This will be Mowbray’s second time. Last time he following up with one win and five defeats in six. Just because he could.


And nobody cares.

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We don't have the players to play this system. We need fresh thinking or fresh players. Only one of these is possible this season. Fix this or we go down.

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Being dead serious, that HAS to be that 1 point from 21!!! Can you keep your job with such a poor return? It's laughable, it could very well be 2/3 points from 30!

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2 minutes ago, den said:

The football is the same for every minute of every game. Nothing ever changes. It’s mind numbing watching it. 

One things for sure, Mowbray doesn’t have any answers.

It’s about time the media put to bed this myth that Mowbray plays an attractive possession-based way.

Trouble is, the pundits don’t watch us and only look at the stats.

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1 minute ago, Tormund said:

Is anybody still Mowbray in?

Yes there’s a few on Twitter saying not his fault Elliot lost the ball 🥴

Not sure what’s more painful, the gimps that want him to stay or Mowbray himself.

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Grim stuff.

Good keeper who had virtually nothing to do. Nyambe same as ever, a good outlet on the right but all comes to naught. Lenihan and the City kid both good. Bell is rubbish but I’d pick him over Douglas. Trybull makes errors but always shows for the ball. Evans is Evans. Elliot should be dropped for that. Rothwell does a couple of great things then absolutely nothing. Ben, who was poor, was still the only threat. Armstrong should’ve been brought on. Dack, pitiful to watch. Dolan should get a run of starts, I like him. Mowbray, shell shocked.

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