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Good win, still Mowbray has to go. Doesn’t change after one win. 

With his interview yesterday to the selection today he's definitely gone completely mad,i expect him to watch the whole game from the dugout  with a pair of Yfronts on his head and pencils stuck out o

I understand the fella who pushed the crowd noise button at Ewood after Rovers score has been furloughed as he’s services are not expected to be needed for the next 4 months 

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This is just my luck, decided to do some home maintenance rather than watch...... first game I've not watched and we're winning. Our bad run must be down to me!!

Keep going Rovers

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Evans is some bad luck charm for us... I'm sure we have lost almost every game he's started this season. He gets dropped today and what do you know...

The result (assuming we win from this point) changes nothing as far as Mowbray is concerned, but gets us 3 points closer to safety, which is all that matters for now - especially considering the matches we have coming up which are likely to yield a low points tally. 

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3 minutes ago, RevidgeBlue said:

Looks like we're going to get the three points.

Mowbray should have been sacked 2 years ago and will never be the man as long as long as night follows day but by god we need these 3 points to inch a bit nearer to 50 points

Agreed. I had us to win this and so important as I can't see another win for the rest of the month. That said, I've got to be honest I've not watched today, only seen the two deflected goals on soccer Saturday. But the way he chops and changes its unlikely this will be the team that starts the next game. 

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