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Blackburn Rovers vs Brentford, Friday, March 12.

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It is with sadness that I'd like to tell you of the passing today of Wilfred Fozzard, aged 91, due to Covid-19. He is the Dad of one of a band of 5 schoolmates who, along with me, have been follo

For goodness sake leave the argument about who caused Ducks injury alone. Nobody caused his injury. If anyone had thought his left ACL was in danger, I’m certain he wouldn’t have played. It’s not doin

The “we shouldn’t have given Dack a new deal” morons are out tonight I see!! Absolute bollocks. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but the club tying down our best player was the right thing to do.

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Just now, Gavlar Somerset Rover! said:

How did you hear that?

Agreed it looks awful for him though. He doesn’t usually stay down.

You couldn’t hear him scream when he went down?

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Nice to hear the commentators concern for Dack being stretchered off.

”Let’s talk about man of the match then”

Fuck off.

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As much as I love the guy we should never ever have given Dack a new contract until he'd proven he could stay fit and get back to his best. Yet more money pissed up the wall whilst complaining we have no money.

Hope it isn't as bad as it looked but if it is I don't see a chance of him coming back from it.

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