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Blackburn Rovers vs Brentford, Friday, March 12.

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It is with sadness that I'd like to tell you of the passing today of Wilfred Fozzard, aged 91, due to Covid-19. He is the Dad of one of a band of 5 schoolmates who, along with me, have been follo

For goodness sake leave the argument about who caused Ducks injury alone. Nobody caused his injury. If anyone had thought his left ACL was in danger, I’m certain he wouldn’t have played. It’s not doin

The “we shouldn’t have given Dack a new deal” morons are out tonight I see!! Absolute bollocks. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but the club tying down our best player was the right thing to do.

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1 minute ago, CambridgeRover said:

Right we have got to 26 mins in , is that enough time in your world view to judge if some players are playing worse than others?

Yeah I'd say that's fair enough...still stand by your comment?

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You can tell these lot have had some down time, much sharper all over the park.

We look like we're running through treacle. 

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4 minutes ago, Proudtobeblue&white said:

How have we regressed from the last two games, other than TM talking up the opposition?

The cynic in me would suggest that it's not so much regression and more that Brentford are just playing a lot better than our last two opponents.

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Away commentators much better analysts on our team than the home commentators. They're picking apart some of the ridiculous tactics, including pinging balls forward to little Tyrhys in the middle while 6'4" Gally is out wide on the touchline.

Pretty damning stuff, it's obviously plain to see to all not swallowing the injuries/journey/possession/not a good-enough-squad bs that the likes of Kevin Nolan have swallowed lock, stock and barrel so as to play down expectations and take the pressure off our Tone. 

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2 minutes ago, Tom said:

Still not convinced by Douglas.

Well I am, I’m convinced he’s not very good.

He was extremely lucky with the misplaced pass he made which hit the ref. Ref gave him the ball back, Douglas took a quick one and nearly hit him again!

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We aren’t just five years behind Brentford in recruitment, we are inferior on the pitch as well. Billionaire owners Venkys must surely be wondering why/how.

Quite embarrassing to think that ten years ago we were a PL club and Brentford were barely out of the fourth division.

Now that’s progress. Meanwhile £200m later, here we are.

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1 minute ago, danger19_80 said:

Their left back looks the weak link. Need to get at him more.

By playing a winger there would help.

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