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Comedy gold.  The unintentional self diss at the end was painful “I hear every week from other managers how good our team is, but generally that is on the back of a 1-0 defeat.” Thats t

Dead rubber with at least half a team who won't be here next year. I mean, come on, really! Coventry 3 out! Let's save our infrastructure and try and put some pride, passion and hope ba

6 points from 33. 1 win in 11. Mowbray Out!!!!!

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2 poor teams, Bristol are shocking and we aren't much better.

Dolan for Arma second half please.

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Wish we’d stop the half assed back passes to Kaminski it’s asking for trouble on this pitch 

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Commentator mentioned an ex Burnley player playing would be getting booed right now if crowds were in. I'm not sure they'd have time with the amount of grief TM would be getting 

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1 hour ago, roversfan99 said:

He did work his arse off, but he didnt offer any goal threat. Maybe he could have argued to play on either side other the below par Brereton or the soon departing Elliott, but as a direct question between him and a fit (if he is) Armstrong, its a non context.

Buckley I agree.

Armstrong doesnt offer a goal threat in some games either, the ones where he smashes it against defenders all match. I think you judge players too directly on assists and goals. Dolan put it on a plate for BB the other game early doors with a brilliant bit of work, they pulled BB down and we should have had a penalty and played the rest of the match against 10 men.

Dolan didn't score or assist in those two games, but the latter isn't always his fault. He makes things happen and is well worth a place in the first team.

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6 minutes ago, Bigdoggsteel said:

I got rid of sky too 🤣 

I think I need a break from football now. No enjoyment left for me. Supporting Blackburn and having Ireland as an international team would do that to a man..I deserve a medal. 

without going over old ground, it's Rovers not Blackburn 🤣

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2 minutes ago, grinder said:

Wife wants to watch something else - any suggestions? 🤔

In normal times I'd suggest a divorce. But she may have a point.

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Just now, Sparks Rover said:

George and Mildred 

She likes dark dramas which usually involve the husband being disposed of by a mad woman - or football with a more incisive tactician... 

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