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On 05/04/2021 at 14:35, Oldgregg86 said:

Steven n zonzi was good for us, went on to win the europa league and play for Seville and Roma. Also in the last France squad that won the world cup

He really was a great signing by the Allardyce team and spot by whoever identified him as he was playing in an Amiens team that got relegated from Ligue 2 and was bought for £650k, apparently. Would really be interested to know how that signing came about.

I wonder if we could have predicted how far he would go, based on his time at Rovers? He was good but he seems to progressed a lot to end up playing for Roma, Seville (winning the Europa League) and Galatasaray and, also, getting into a talented French national squad. I think, if it wasn't for his disciplinary issues, he could've had an even better career and, possibly, played for one of the very top clubs in Europe.

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Tugay. End of discussion 😉

I'll go Freidel first just for his consistency if nothing else closely followed by Tugay, we'll never come remotely close to those 2 again. Elite operators.  Benni Mac, Nelson, Samba, Bert, Peder

Fode Koite, Joe Peshci, Dino Baggio,  and Mateo Rigters

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