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Good or bad Friday depending on the result

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6 minutes ago, bluebruce said:

Was actually me that said that 😉 I honestly don't know what the fuck we do to pick up this many injuries, but it has to be due to the training. We rotate constantly, even in a season as congested as this it shouldn't be so bad.

Obviously it doesn't help that our transfer strategy, such as it is, doesn't take any account of injury records (Ayala, Holtby).

Sorry bud.

Yep, we are just that bad. Rotation worked in L1 because our squad was just that much better than everyone else.

This division needs players to get into a rhythm and generate momentum. (Ideally a winning momentum rather than a death spiral one of course).

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19 minutes ago, Exiled in Toronto said:

If you added Brereton and Gallagher together, I’d still prefer John O’Mara.

Favourite moment of the half: Joe Rothwell sets off in a run then, under no pressure,  rolls a pass into a square of four Wycombe players.

Especially the way he performed in his first season.

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That moment then, where whoever that was on the edge of the box had the perfect opportunity to shoot, with a decent chance of scoring, but instead they did some ridiculous pirouette to backheel it to nobody, sums us up more than any other moment I've seen all season.

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Amazing listening to the commentators.

Rothwell just made a daft flick on the edge of the box but he’s not a Mowbray favourite so he’s currently getting a rinsing.

Yet if Brereton had done that they’d have been singing his praises - “you could see what he was trying to do”.

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