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v Bournemouth & Boscombe Athletic (h) 5/4/21 - the new Tax Year Special

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Matt Damon, in his least challenging role yet, plays beleaguered soccer manager Tony Mowbray as he sleeps for 90 minutes in a dug out whilst his team get dicked yet again. The Bournemouth Suprema

My dad actually admitted to me today that he should've listened to me 2 years ago when I wanted Mowbray out - first time in almost 46 years!!

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38 minutes ago, WacoRover said:

It is obvious our manager and coaches have no clue what to do. The players appear disinterested, and ready for the season to end.

Therefore... not because I don’t love the Rovers, or the good camaraderie here at BRFCS; but, until we get at least a point- at home- I see no use to post anymore. There is nothing left unsaid. Fans aren’t allowed at Ewood, and I live in Texas anyway, so my little protest will be my silence. 

COYB, & Mowbray out. Tony, please do the honorable thing, and step down. Give us our team back. Then, I will have some respect for you. 

You're going off to support Barnsley,  aren't you...?.admit it lad....

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3 hours ago, oldjamfan1 said:

He must have had a couple of pints before that game then 😉


3 hours ago, tomphil said:

Crafty drag at half time i reckon.

Off topic I know but years ago Garner was the presenter at my junior football club's awards evening.

The compere had finished a round of trophy giving and was letting everybody know that it was time for a break. On hearing this, Garner, who was on stage, said something like "good, I need a pint and a fag." As he said it close to the mic everybody heard. Cue apologies and a "don't smoke lads, it's bad for you" line.

7 points from 42 is desperately bad. Awful football is worse. I really feel for those who actually pay to watch the games online. Being at the stadium is a whole different experience than sat at home with no atmosphere at all to rally around. I think that Rovers will stay up. Mowbray will rag a win. Facts do point to him losing it though. His time is up. He's gone as far as he can. He shouldn't feel shame in that as he put some of the pride back. Certainly on here he is rapidly becoming hated, leave now and he may save some of his reputation. 

To the penalty taking debate, I remember Ray Stewart when I was little. He was brilliant.

This article has a few;  10 Best Penalty Takers of all Time - Pundit Feed

No surprises that van Basten and Le Tissier are up there. I did read that Yaya Toure scored all 11 of his whilst in the Prem.

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Mowbray's credibility vanished for me during the 'defenders are coming' debacle. He took the entire fanbase for fools that summer. Since then I haven't believed a word that's come out of his mouth. The only positive I'll feel towards Mowbray when he eventually leaves is relief that he's gone. 

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Just thought I'd highlight this moment from the match highlights. It's when we're 2-0 down. From what I can tell, Kaminski kicks it long, as you see the ball drop from high, and then, in the highlights, the Bournemouth player wins the header centrally and his team go down the field to almost score a third.

I qualify by saying that I have no experience in setting up a football team at any level. However, based on how I've seen other teams play with three forwards, when attacking, they sometimes go two v two at the back, with the full backs pushed up as if wing backs or wingers. At least one defensive midfielder drops in centrally to pick up anyone in the No.10 position and to be in touch with the defence in case of counter attack. The three forwards press the opponents backline and, at least one tries to pull out wide, to stretch the play.

With our team, Douglas does not really go wide here, presumably, because he lacks confidence or pace to get back in time. The RB, I think it's Nyambe, though Bennett came on, is does not pull wide, either, rather taking up an almost third centre back role. Perhaps, it's because Lenihan wants to be the sweeper and, perhaps, doesn't trust himself one vs. one. The inside forwards (might by Gallagher and Buckley, but not sure) aren't competing for the header or stretching the play in any way. They seem unsure of where to position themselves, resulting in three forwards in the No.10 area, with Armstrong alone up top.

Admittedly, this is at two down, when the formation is going to become irregular as players push up, with not much to lose, and, it's from a possible goal kick, but, nonetheless, I think it's a snapshot of some of the positional and tactical shortcomings of the team. I stand corrected by any reasoned defence of this formation, however, being, as I say, a novice with tactical understanding.


Maybe not mentioned but Bournemouth's second goal was classy - a pirouette to evade a lunging Nyambe, I think, by a player and then the forward nutmegs Lenihan, before scoring. It wasn't great defending but, I'd credit the attackers for that one.


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On 05/04/2021 at 06:26, CambridgeRover said:

The most scary thing for me is even if we survive this season what is left for the next?

Dack - injured for a long time and won't be the same again and is on a big old contract.

Armstrong - will be sold, no two ways about it , need to make the club some money for the transfer diasters and only has a year left on his contract.

Gallagher and Brereton - the £12 million pound failure, shows flashes every so often and Brereton did have a couple of good small runs but for the money spent it has been awful.

No development - No player associated with the first team can claim to be a better player today then they were last year. In fact so many have regressed such as Travis, Rankin-Costello and Buckley.

Loanees -  To highlight the poor squad management we now fill our squad with sub-par loanees from other acadmies such as Branthwaite whilst Carter and Magloire are both playing well on loan. Wharton had to boss it in Northampton before Mowbray dared to even give him any minutes. 

Out of Contract this summer -  Bennett, Downing, Johnson, Holtby, Evans, Bell, Nyambe (extension not as yet used) and Rankin-Costello (extension?) Plus loanees in Trybull, Douglas, Elliot, Harwood-Bellis and Branthwaite.  Whilst a lot of those are deadwood they are deadwood that will be need to be replaced and our recruitment policy is completly sketchy. 

Long Term Plan -  How many players under the age of 27 do we have at the club on long term contracts (2 or more years)?  The answer is 6. Gallagher,  Travis, Pears, Buckley, Stergiaskis and Dolan. Not one of them apart from Travis has been able to play regularly under Mowbray

If we don't drastically change soon, next season could make this season look like sunshine and flowers

Agreed 100%.  Themis was the season TM was building for and it turns out he builds worse than my 3 year old with his blocks. The only positive I take is that most of that deadwood will free up cash when their contracts run out. Selling AA has to happen as I don’t see him happy here if he’s still kicking about. I’m hoping that with a new manager we could see the youth we develop reach their potential. It’s baffling to me that any manager could retain their role at any level with this run. 

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