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My eldest said to me after the game tonight that he is falling out of love with football. He doesn’t even enjoy seeing us win any more. It’s been some journey that Venkys have taken us on and, un

It's nonsense Andy. I'd wager the majority of the country aren't really bothered.

One thing that last night reiterated for me is that I’d rather be at Ewood watching that dross than sat at home. At Ewood I can vent my displeasure with management , urge on the team and in general se

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Love Elliott going forward, loved his goal, loved his t-shirt sentiment YNWA 96 - hate how he does his defensive duties.  Leaving Nyambe exposed.


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3 minutes ago, jim mk2 said:

Patrick Roberts is a good player.............another Man City loanee

Strange he is still contracted there. 24 years old and only one appearance for them.

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6 minutes ago, RevidgeBlue said:

He knows the rules and he isn't even playing for Liverpool tonight.

What if he now mistimes a tackle?

Completely unprofessional but symptomatic of the holiday camp mentality prevalent at Ewood.

I'm more pointing out the ref really didn't need to book him for it anyway. Just being a jobsworth.

Agree he probably shouldn't have taken the shirt off though, can express solidarity in other ways.

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Just now, bluebruce said:

Is it in the commentator's contract that he has to say 'catching practice for Kaminski' every game?

Statler and Waldorf......a foot race, drive forward, if in doubt kick it out, Harwood Bellis, let me knock one out.

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